Geek Fam Beat Gambit Esports in the Bukovel Minor to Confirm a Top 3 Finish

Vignesh Raghuram
11/Jan/2020 02:51 pm

Image Courtesy: Geek Fam

Turns out, Kuku was just being modest. Geek Fam has managed to silence the home crowd by taking down the number 1 seed from the Group Stages, Gambit Esports 2-0 to secure a massive victory and book a place in the Winner Bracket Finals of the Bukovel Minor.

The SEA team showcased some great tenacity and cohesion in this series.

Geek Fam vs Gambit Esports

Game 1: Although Gambit Esports kicked off the game by winning the laning phase and securing a substantial net worth lead in the early game, Geek Fam managed to turn it around on the back of Raven’s impressive carry play.

Once the SEA team managed to secure the lead, Gambit Esports just got melted by the absurd damage output of Geek Fam and called ‘GG’ after losing four+ heroes 3 times in a row.

Game 2: The second game was much more even with back-and-forth teamfights. Although, Gambit Esports were pressuring the map and destroyed Karl’s momentum on his Ember Spirit, Raven once again put the team on his back and kept them in the game by splitting the map and alleviating the pressure.

The CIS team took control when GPK’s Templar Assassin became 6 slotted by the 38-minute mark. Geek Fam managed to hold on to the game by the skin of their teeth with clutch plays from Xepher’s Rubick evening the odds.

In the end, back-to-back key pickoffs on GPK’s TA and Dream’s Slark allowed Geek Fam to finally close out the game and secure the berth in the Winner Bracket Finals.

Geek Fam will now face the winner of the RNG vs Team Nigma matchup for a place in the Grand Finals. 


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