Trent calls out AdmiralBulldog after his Recent Tweet on Nigma

Vignesh Raghuram
5/Dec/2019 08:27 am

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Kuroky and co. announced their return to the Dota 2 world with Team Nigma earlier this month. While many welcomed the return of the runner-ups of TI9, they also expressed their discomfort with the name of the organisation stating that it was similar to a slur. This prompted the Nigma to post a Tweet clarifying the origins of the name.

Following this, earlier this week on Trent’s regular podcast: “The Trent and Zyori Podcast”, he too expressed that the name wasn’t ideal and complained about Twitch chat’s spam. To add to this he stated:

“Like Bulldog: Big Nigma fan here. Jesus, that guy is the f***ing lowest dredger of the f***ing low dredge. Stop f***ing encouraging your shitty-ass viewers with your dumbass bullshit. I remember when he played SEA of Thieves and he took out the f***ing banana to bait his chat to spam Trihard and shit. He is so f***ing tone-deaf.

He is so stupid, but alas. I’ve hung out with Henrik, but for the love of god you don’t need to encourage it.”

After a discussion thread was made on Reddit (with a misleading title) regarding this, Trent commented on it clarifying that he regrets insulting AdmiralBulldog, but still stood by his point stating that the popular streamer encourages his community to do this.

Later in the day, AdmiralBulldog responded to this Tweet and said that he didn’t appreciate the insults thrown at him. Unfortunately, he didn’t make any comments about Trent’s remarks about his community and its culture.

In a reply, Trent, once again, apologised for his insults but explained his stance on the matter.

Before this incident, although not in the Dota-sphere, other popular streamers including xQc, HasanAbi and Asmongold have called out/mocked Twitch chat for using emotes like cmonBruh in a racist manner, reminding them that such behaviour isn't welcome in their communities.


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