Nigma, Team Secret, OG.Seed and SoNNeikO’s stack to fight for the only two spots in the Leipzig Major: EU Qualifiers

Vignesh Raghuram
29/Nov/2019 09:25 am

Image Courtesy: Nigma

The European Open Qualifiers for the DreamLeague Season 13 Leipzig Major boasted some of the highest viewership numbers for an Open Qualifier, ever since the introduction of the DPC. This wasn’t especially surprising considering the fact that some of the most popular teams in the region, including Team Secret, Nigma as well as OG’s academy team OG.Seed were playing in this tournament.

With the potential of an upset, similar to PSG.LGD’s in the Chinese region, many expected a flurry of high octane games. However, the European teams showcased nothing of that sort.

Nigma and Team Secret bulldoze their way into the Semi-Finals

Nigma, Team Secret and OG.Seed completely dominated their way into the semifinals, winning all their games in sub-30 minute stomps. However, all three teams have faced relatively weak opposition in their games. Of the four teams in the semifinals, only SoNNeikO’s stack aka Chicken Fighters has faced a high-tier team.

Chicken Fighters had to battle Romanian team ‘No Bounty Hunter’ featuring b0ne7 and Ar1se and overcome them in a 50-minute slogfest to make it to the Semifinals.

Today, OG.Seed and Nigma will face each other for a spot in the European Regional Qualifiers in the most enthralling series of the day. The other side of the bracket will see Team Secret face SoNNeikO’s stack the other spot.

Image Courtesy: Liquipedia


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