Pro Players and Talent React to New Patch: “Dota 3?”

Vignesh Raghuram
27/Nov/2019 08:50 am

One of the biggest ever Dota patches was released earlier yesterday featuring some drastic changes to the map, couriers, neutrals, etc.

Many amongst the Dota 2 community are sceptical of these changes. Some feel that these are too drastic and changes the fabric of the game with too much RNG. Some professional Dota 2 players and Talent have also reacted to these changes here are a few of them.

Ceb's Reaction

Ceb is happy about one particular aspect of the new patch

However, not everything seems to be so endearing for the French superstar.

PPD's Reaction

The salt-lord is so done with the new patch.

Image Courtesy: /u/bl00dshooter

Heen's Reaction

Loda's Reaction

Alliance's founder/coach Loda seems quite optimistic about this new patch.

Hot_Bid's Reaction

Hot_Bid is all of us

Blitz's Reaction

Blitz.exe has stopped working

TreantPax's Reaction

Nahaz's Reaction

Nahaz is worried about our pubs.

Noxville's Reaction

Statsman Noxville stating that this might be an opportunity to grow the player base.

V1lat's Reaction

Russian caster, V1lat thinks that this is the more than 2, less than 4 version of Dota.

What do you think of the new patch? Comment your reactions below.


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