"SumaiL is the only reason why these guys (EG) were doing well at TI" - N0tail

Vignesh Raghuram
14/Nov/2019 04:06 pm

Earlier this week, two-time TI champion Johan "N0tail" Sundstein was streaming on Twitch. He played a few games of Dota 2 while also analyzing professional Dota 2 games during the queue time. During one such queue N0tail revealed that SumaiL was the best EG player at TI and added that OG had to focus a lot on the player when it came to drafting and in-game play. He stated:

"SumaiL is a f***ing beast man. In my opinion, SumaiL was the only reason that these guys (EG) were doing well at TI. And that's not to diss, that's just how teams work, (that's how) you build around lineups. He was f****ing owning at TI. I was very impressed. 

We focussed a lot on SumaiL at TI, when it came to the bans and the plays. We didn't change our play(style) unnecessarily, but we kept it in the back of our minds (that) if you can mess with him, it is good."

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