HellRaisers get stomped, sent packing from The Summit 11 by Chaos E.C.

Vignesh Raghuram
10/Nov/2019 08:01 pm

Image Courtesy: Beyond The Summit | Todd Gutierrez

It looks like Chaos E.C. are gunning for revenge. They secure a relatively straight-forward victory over the CIS squad - HellRaisers to put them in the best possible shape for a rematch against the tournament favourites Invictus Gaming.

The NA team were precise and clinical with their play today, outmatching HellRaisers as a result. 

HellRaisers vs Chaos E.C.

Game 1: The first game saw HellRaisers pickup elusive heroes against Chaos E.C.’s lineup with minimal catch. However, some great play from CCNC allowed the North American team gain a lead in the early game and through some great map-control, managed to hold on to it throughout the mid-game and easily close out the game with their overwhelming networth advantage.

Game 2: The 2nd Game had the potential to be a little more intense. Unfortunately, multiple mistakes in Vtune’s positioning cost HellRaisers this game, as his Naga Siren got caught over and over again allowing Chaos to control the game right from the mid-game stages and secure objectives on their own terms. Eventually, the GG was forced after HellRaisers ran out of resources to hold their racks against Chaos. E.C. overfarmed cores.

The final game of the tournament will kick off shortly. Chaos E.C.’s offlane veteran MSS has claimed that it will be an easy 3-0 victory. 

However, he didn’t specify which team ;) 


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