Popular CIS Mid lane star Iceberg: “Nofear annoys me. As a man he is a piece of shit.”

Vignesh Raghuram
9/Nov/2019 05:07 pm

Image Courtesy: Epicenter

FlyToMoon Mid laner Bogdan “Iceberg” Vasilenko made a few controversial remarks about his former teammate Alexander “nofear” Churochkin in an interview with Dmitry Droog. Iceberg explained that the problems appeared in the qualifiers at The International 2018.

In the interview he states:

"I have no personal conflicts with him (nofear). He annoys me, that's all. As a man he is a piece of shit. As a player who brings maximum destructiveness inside the game, he's also a piece of shit. Here's a simple answer for you.

I'm not saying that he always behaves like that. He has periods. In one period, he can be a very cool player, not an annoyance to anybody. In the second period, he will be a completely different person.”

Image Courtesy: Epicenter

Iceberg and nofear played together in the same team for a long time after the formation of the first FlyToMoon squad. 

In the interview, Iceberg also noted that problems rarely manifested back then in the first FlyToMoon roster, and even if they did, they were smoothed over by the general enthusiasm of the other players on the roster and his personal motivations. 

Subsequently, the team was signed by Winstrike Team - Iceberg left the organization in March 2019. In September, he returned to the team, but three weeks later he left. A few weeks later, the player stated that the reason for this decision was the conflict with nofear.


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