Geek Fam sent to the Brink of Elimination at the Summit 11. Need to beat HellRaisers to Survive.

Vignesh Raghuram
9/Nov/2019 01:05 am

Image Courtesy: Geek Fam

Where did it all go wrong for the Southeast Asian squad? After a single loss in the Group Stages, Geek Fam has been pushed to the brink of elimination. Only a win against HellRaisers in their final series of the day, will let them survive and move on to the playoff stages.

The SEA team kicked off their day with a series against Chaos Esports.

Geek Fam vs Chaos Esports

Game 1: Chaos Esports almost always had the upper hand in this game, right from the get-go. The North American team’s strong laning phase coupled with their seasoned movements allowed them to rake in the net worth and build up an overwhelming advantage. Geek Fam who chose to go for a single-core lineup simply couldn’t matchup to the farm, the NA team possessed and ended up conceding the game in 44 minutes.

Game 2: The 2nd game was a much closer affair. Geek Fam chose to pick up the dreaded EarthShaker-Morphling combo. Chaos Esports managed to delay the onset of the terrifying Aghanim’s Scepter Morphling with another strong showing in the early game. However, Raven took over the game with his Morphling as soon as he got his hands on the Aghanim’s Scepter.

However, some fantastic discipline and spell-casting was showcased by Chaos Esports following this, delaying and itemizing properly to open up a win-condition. The win-condition arrived when they caught out Morphling who had no Buyback. The NA team finally, marched down mid 64 minutes into the game to claim victory and qualify for the playoffs.

Geek Fam’s elimination match against HellRaisers will happen later today.


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