TNC’s freight train keeps chugging! Destroys Alliance 2-0 in under an hour to secure Top 3

Vignesh Raghuram
24/Oct/2019 06:33 pm

It was just clinical. Even after TNC Predator’s incredible dominance in the Group Stages, a few from the Dota 2 community were still doubting the calibre of this team considering that they hadn’t faced a legitimate Tier 1 team. TNC put to rest to all those doubts with an incredibly dominant 2-0 victory over Alliance and made their way into the Winner Bracket Finals. 

TNC Predator vs Alliance

Game 1: TNC picked up an Alchemist centric lineup in response to Alliance’s push heavy lineup. The Europeans enjoyed dominance over the course of the laning phase, finding multiple kills and looked set to have a good game against the Filipinos.

However, they failed to shut down Armel’s Alchemist who just farmed himself and got way too out-of-control for the Alliance lineup. They simply couldn’t deal enough damage to Armel who was backed up by Chen’s healing capabilities. In the late-game, they just tickled the monstrous Alchemist who just took all the damage and took down Alliance’s barracks to break their spirit and force the ‘GG call’ in just 26 minutes.

Game 2: The second game saw TNC resort back to their Nightstaker carry lineup. Although they possessed the better early-game lineup, Alliance forced fights way too hard allowing the Filipinos to punish the overt aggressiveness and buy time for Gabbi and Armel to finish their Aghanim’s Scepters in a reasonable time.

Once the two players finished their Aghanim’s Scepter, TNC Predator simply turned up their aggression to the max and just rolled through Alliance. They managed to kill them over and over again and skyrocketed their own farm with the snowball.

Alliance looked stumped and just ended up conceding game two in under 30 minutes.

With that victory, TNC Predator have secured a Top 3 placing at this tournament. They will now have a one-day break, before playing the Winner Bracket Finals against Gambit Esports.


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