Demon Slayers knocks out PPD and NiP and make it to the Grand Finals of DreamLeague Season 12

Vignesh Raghuram
20/Oct/2019 12:37 pm

Image Courtesy: DreamHack | Alex Maxwell

They’ve done it! The biggest underdogs coming into DreamLeague Season 12 have made it all the way through the Lower Brackets and have made it to the Grand Finals. 

They’ve beaten two teams going to the Major and one team going to the Minor to make it to the final series.

NiP vs Demon Slayers

Game 1: The opening game of the series saw NiP dominate right from the get-go. Gunnar got his hands on his signature Ember Spirit and proceed to wreak havoc on Demon Slayers to snowball off to an incredible start. He used this momentum to control the map and allow skitter to farm up a storm and closeout Game 1 with ease.

Game 2: After a disappointing performance in the midlane in Game 1, iAnnihilate made sure to show what he is all about in Game 2. With one of the best Queen of Pain performances we’ve seen all year, he managed to get himself to a ridiculous KDA of 18/0/23 being involved in 41 of the 45 kills his team secured and carried his team to victory.

Game 3: In the elimination game, PPD and NiP picked up fairly standard meta heroes with a Kunkka for Gunnar and a Gyrocopter for Skitter. Demon Slayers, however, picked comfort heroes choosing a Chaos Knight for Costabile and a Death Prophet for iAnnihilate. The game was fairly even until an incredible Rosh fight gave the advantage to Demon Slayers.

The NA team managed to utilize this small advantage and turn it into a win with some great decision-making and beautiful teamfights to secure the win and a place in the Grand Finals.

Demon Slayers will now face Alliance in a BO5 Grand Finals for the Championship.


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