EternaLEnVy gets banned for 6 months after latest matchmaking update

Vignesh Raghuram
12/Oct/2019 06:14 am

Image Courtesy: Starladder

Valve released yet another matchmaking update, earlier yesterday, to improve the matchmaking experience for several players, addressing key issues in Ranked Matchmaking. They released yet another ban wave alongside this patch. EternaLEnVy is one of the players who has been affected by this ban.

EternaLEnVy was streaming on his smurf account, which had a Behaviour score of ‘1’ at one point. This happened because he was reported multiple times for not playing his selected role in Ranked Matchmaking. Recently, however, he resorted to playing unconventional heroes in a supporting capacity and boosted his behaviour score up to 1600. 

However, Valve’s recent update has banned him for 6 months thanks to a high amount of reports.

EternaLEnVy claims that this occurred due to Valve adding a pre-game report option for ‘Failure to play the selected role’. He says that since he plays unconventional heroes like Viper on a Support role, players tend to report him before the game even begins.

The Dota 2 community on Reddit, however, believes that this wouldn’t have happened if EE didn’t drop his behaviour score to ’1’ and that this ban although delayed, is deserved.


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