Solo featured on the most popular late-night talk show on Russian television


9th, Oct, 2019

Alexei "Solo" Berezin just appeared on national Russian TV, featuring in ‘Evening Urgant’. ‘Evening Urgant’ is hosted by Ivan Urgant and is the most popular late-night talk show on Russian television.

On the episode broadcasted yesterday, Ivan Urgant played Dota 2 together with Virtus.pro’s Captain Solo for the first time. Urgant played two games. The first was a bot match with Pudge, following which he played with real players who even recognized him in the voice chat. 

Although a version with English subtitles it yet to be released, the Russian version remains entertaining and engaging enough for non-Russian speakers to watch the segment.

Watching Dota 2 players being featured on mainstream Russian television is quite heartening and inspiring. Earlier last year, Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev became a brand ambassador for Head and Shoulders and filmed multiple advertisements with the shampoo brand. These ads aired on national Russian television earlier this year.

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