Cignal Ultra knock out Geek Fam from the MDL: Chengdu Major SEA Qualifiers

Vignesh Raghuram
6/Oct/2019 04:29 pm

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In an incredible turn of events, Cignal Ultra featuring Nando, Jamsey and Grimzx have made it to the playoffs after a 1-1 tie against TNC Predator in their final match of the Group Stages gave them a one-point lead over Geek Fam, pushing Kuku, Raven and Co. down to the Minor Qualifiers.

Geek Fam were left ruing their chances after they failed to capitalize on Cignal Ultra’s misstep against Alpha x Hashtag (AxH). Cignal Ultra drew 1-1 against AxH, opening up the opportunity for Geek Fam to gain some ground if they could 2-0 their next opponent: Reality Rift. 

However, a massively botched teamfight saw them lose Game 1 in 45 minutes. Although they managed to recover and draw the series by winning Game 2 thanks to an excellent carry Pudge performance by Raven, the Game 1 loss would prove to be Geek Fam’s undoing eventually.

TNC Predator vs Cignal Ultra

TNC Predator had already qualified for the playoffs by virtue of their 6-0 scoreline in the Group Stages, coming into this game. Cignal Ultra just needed a solitary victory against the Filipino giants to qualify for the major.

Game 1: Cignal Ultra played an incredible early-mid game, outplaying and pressuring TNC at every turn and managed to secure a massive 29-8 Kill lead and a 10k Networth Advantage around the 30-minute mark. However, TNC Predator showed them exactly why they were considered to be SEA’s premier team last season with a scintillating turn-around, utilizing clutch outplays and decision-making to make the comeback and secure a Game 1 victory.

Game 2: TNC Predator chose to pick up an experimental lineup in Game 2 with kpii playing an offlane Naga Siren and Gabbi playing a safe-lane Earthshaker. Although TNC Predator had their moments in this game, Cignal Ultra almost had constant control over it and held the advantage heading into the later stages of the game. This time, they didn’t let their chance to eliminate Geek Fam slip through. Cignal Ultra managed to secure the victory in Game 2 and secured a spot in the playoffs.

This was TNC Predator’s first loss in the Group Stages of the MDL: Chengdu Major SEA Qualifiers.

Image Courtesy: Liquipedia

Here's how the Group Tables looked after the conclusion of the TNC Predator vs Cignal Ultra match.

So Geek Fam has been relegated to the Minor Qualifiers after Cignal Ultra secured the 2nd place in the Group. On the other group, Fnatic and Team Adroit managed to make their way into the playoffs phase.

The playoffs kick-off Tomorrow (7th October 2019) at 2:00 PM IST | 04:30 PM PHT.


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