LGD Gaming accuses former Social Media Manager Staka of "Blackmail"

Vignesh Raghuram
4/Oct/2019 03:30 pm

Image Courtesy: LGD Gaming

There has been a rather ugly saga unfolding between LGD Gaming and their former social media manager Stoyan “Staka” Stoyanov over the course of the past week, with the Multi-Million Dollar Chinese organisation even claiming that Staka was trying to ‘blackmail’ them.

It all unfolded when Staka posted on his personal Twitter page claiming that LGD Gaming had not paid him ~$9,000 USD for his work with the team. He had been released from the organisation at this point.

LGD Gaming's response

In response, the Chinese Organisation made a statement on Weibo and stated that their ‘Former Overseas Social Media Manager’ was holding LGD Gaming’s official Instagram account as leverage and was attempting to extort them of $9,000.

They also outlined their agreement with Staka and clearly stated that they wouldn’t compromise with him.

Staka's list of accusations

Staka then responded to this set of accusations with an elaborate Twitlonger post detailing the situation and attempted to justify his position on the matter.

However, many prominent members of the Dota 2 community have called him out including Dimitri “GodblessMali” Vallette (Director of events at Mars Media), Skim Gaming (Social Media Manager of compLexity) and SirBelvedere.

At this point, no evidence has been presented by any of the parties involved in this matter. LGD Gaming has decided to cut ties with its current Instagram account: “teamlgd” (which is allegedly only accessible by Staka) and henceforth decided to adopt “teamlgdgaming” as its new official Instagram account.

Staka is still currently handling the English social media for ViCi Gaming.

Author’s Opinion

There are multiple contradictions in Staka’s version of the events that transpired. For instance, he denies blackmailing LGD Gaming in his statement but decides to conclude it with:

Hopefully that's the end of it, but if they keep doing more, I got career-ruining secrets in me that they don't want to unleash.

This makes it difficult to believe his version of events over that of a multi-million Dollar esports organization. It will be interesting to see how this develops over the course of the next week.


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