Former Vega Squadron coach and players accuse the org of non-payment of dues


8th, Sep, 2019

This year hasn’t been kind to Vega Squadron. First, they dissolved their CS:GO lineup after a multitude of mediocre results. Now the organisation has been accused of not paying its Dota 2 players.

Allen “Bonkers” Cook, former manager of Vega Squadron’s Dota 2 squad, has just alleged that the organization owes thousands of dollars in prize money to the players it signed earlier last year, in October 2018.

The squad in question is the former Team Lithium lineup featuring the likes of Madara, Mage, Khezu, Peksu and Maybe Next Time.

"Vega agreed that as we qualified for the event outside of their organisation they would not receive a cut of the prize pool but would handle the money," Bonkers Tweeted. "To this day none of the players have received anything of the $15,000 prize pool that was paid on time by Dreamleague directly to Vega."

Maurice “KheZu” Gutman also confirmed the allegations made by his manager stating that “Vega owe us about 20k USD, 15k from LAST YEARS dreamleague minor, and 5k from online tournaments.” However, he also added that “Vega were a good Org to us while we were in the team and under contract.”

Khezu added that he did not receive money for playing at the Galaxy Battles II together with OG. According to him, he was paid only a small fraction of the funds. He also added GESC to this list.

Another former Vega Squadron player, Petu "Peksu" Vaatainen also chipped in with his opinion on the matter and also added that Aachen City Esports had also not cleared his payment dues.

There have been plenty of discussions about the plight of the Dota 2 teams currently plying their trade in the Tier 2 scene. Many believe that their financial instability and their subsequent inability to continue to provide the best resources to their players will eventually hurt the top tier Dota 2 scene as well and have made multiple requests to Valve to have a more hands-on approach to their scene, similar to Blizzard or RIOT Esports.

Valve still hasn’t announced the rules and regulations of the 2019-20 DPC season, so perhaps they’re setting up a system which can encourage and nourish the Tier 2 scene.

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