Mineski put up a hell of a fight before being eliminated by Secret

Vignesh Raghuram
22/Aug/2019 10:32 am

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Every TI, there is that one series in the Lower Bracket that transcends over the rest of the games. The sheer quality of Dota displayed, just towers of the rest of the games. Last year, it was the EG vs Team Liquid match, in TI7 it was the Team Liquid vs Virtus.Pro match. 

This year, not many expected it to be between Team Secret vs Mineski. The SEA team were unfancied underdogs heading into this TI. The panel even called it a ‘David vs Goliath’ bout. Many expected Team Secret to simply stomp MIneski and make it to the next round. But Mineski, defied all odds.

In one of the best series we’ve ever seen in this TI, Mineski held their own against the best team in the DPC.

Mineski vs Team Secret

Game 1: The opening game saw both teams pull out some wonky picks with Team Secret opting to pick up a Meepo for Midone and a Visage for Nisha. Mineski on the other hand, went for a slightly less wonkier draft picking up an Alchemist for Moon, while Nikobaby handled a Wraith King.

Mineski raced off to a lead with ninjaboogie making some sick rotations to give his team a huge early game advantage. Mineski fully capitalised, with Moon farming up a storm on his Alchemist and secured all the objectives on the map without bleeding too many kills.

However, Team Secret were always in the game thanks to the sheer burst potential they possessed with their Meepo. The game came to a close when Mineski took Roshan and marched into Secrets base. They secured Mega Creeps, but paid a massive price as they lost Moon who had no buyback.

Team Secret marched down mid and took the throne, with Mineski unable to hold 4v5.

Game 2: This was perhaps the most back-and-forth match of the whole tournament. Mineski took the lead in Game 2 in the early stages. They raced off to a 22.5k Gold lead by the 38-minute mark, and with Aegis and Cheese looked set to end the game.

But Yapzor played spoilsport. On his signature Rubick he stole the Chronosphere from Nikobaby’s Void and turned around the game for Team Secret, allowing them to make their way back into the game. But once again, Mineski fought back hard and reclaimed control of the game.

But lightning struck twice, with another Chrono steal, Yapzor opened up a win condition for Team Secret. Nisha was overwhelmingly farmed and was criting down any hero he spotted. They marched down to Mineski’s base to close out the game, but then Mineski pulled off something incredible.

Yapzor’s 3rd Chronosphere steal proved to be the bane of his team this time around, catching Midone and Nisha in it allowing Mineski to dish out the damage to teamwipe Team Secret and claim the second game.

Capitalist simply lost it after Mineski did the impossible.

Game 3: Mineski failed to get off to a good start for the first time this series. However, they managed to hold on thanks to some sick carry play from Moon on the Death Prophet and Nikobaby on the Wraith King.

Team Secret looked like they had the advantage with the superior sustain that Zai provided with his Omniknight. They simply outlasted the SEA team to win every single teamfight in the mid-game phase. But ninjaboogie, who was the MVP for Mineski in this series, turned it around with a sick iceblast.

Mineski gained back the advantage once again and were able to secure a Barracks. Team Secret replied with fury, teamwiping Mineski, catching out Moon without buyback and was able to close out the game in one fell swoop.4

Despite the 12th place finish, Mineski should walk out of TI9 with their chins up. They went toe-to-toe against the favourites heading into TI and almost took them out. 

Team Secret will now face Infamous (who won earlier today) tomorrow in the elimination match.


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