EG comes back from a 98% loss probability to knock Secret down to the Lower Bracket

Vignesh Raghuram
21/Aug/2019 09:31 am

Image Courtesy: Valve

The NA stalwarts managed to make an incredible comeback in the final game of the series to knock down tournament favourites, Team Secret to the lower bracket with a 2-1 victory. With this victory, Evil Geniuses have secured a Top 6 finish and over $1M USD in prize winnings at TI9.

Team Secret vs Evil Geniuses

Game 1: The opening game of the series began with both teams trading even in farm. Eventually, SumaiL emerged with a clear networth lead over Midone after making some crucial rotations to give EG a net worth lead, heading into the mid game.

Nisha kept Team Secret in the game as he took a page out of Infamous.Hector’s playbook and farmed up a Radiance+Midas in under 18 minutes. The NA team, however, managed to pull apart Team Secret to win small skirmishes, eventually building up a massive lead. The game came to a close when EG teamwiped Secret and claimed to barracks to force the GG call.

Game 2: Both teams decided to all-in on teamfights in game 2. Evil Geniuses drafted themselves an s4 Tidehunter and a Cr1t Rubick while Team Secret drafted themselves an Enigma for Zai, Faceless Void for Nisha and an Earthshaker for Yapzor.

Even though Evil Geniuses managed to play around Team Secret’s massive teamfight abilities, mainly thanks to s4’s superior initiations, you could always feel that it was only a matter of time before Team Secret got their combo right, to wipe EG. And it happened.

With that fight, Team Secret had all the momentum in the world and managed to take another perfect teamfight to close out the game.

Game 3: With momentum behind them Team Secret dominated the final game of the series in the early stages, winning all 3 lanes and finding pick-offs all across the map. With just 1 stun in their lineup (Cr1t’s Magnus), EG simply lacked the control to go toe-to-toe against Midone’s Slark and Nisha’s Weaver. This resulted in a 98% win probability for Team Secret at one point.

However, Arteezy and SumaiL managed to make the most of their limited space and farmed up a few decent items to turn it all around. Equipped with a Basher, Arteezy effortlessly crit down Team Secret to swing the momentum of the game.

Team Secret simply couldn’t handle the EG lineup and ended up conceding the game 2-1 to drop down to the lower brackets.

Evil Geniuses will now have a rematch of last year’s TI against OG in the next round of the upper brackets. Team Secret, on the other hand, will be facing off against Mineski in their next matchup.


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