Vici Gaming beats down TNC Predator to the Lower Brackets

Vignesh Raghuram
20/Aug/2019 10:06 am

Vici Gaming prevailed over TNC Predator 2-1 after a brutal series which saw two 1 Hour+ Games with some amazing highlight-worthy moments. Both teams gave it their all, showcasing some amazing Dota 2 in the process. In the end, Vici Gaming prevailed just by a whisker.

Vici Gaming vs TNC Predator

Game 1: Vici Gaming started off the game on the right footing, despite having the weaker early-game lineup on paper. TIMS was the only respite for TNC, finding kills all over the map making enough space for his cores to come online. However, Vici Gaming steadily began to outfarm the Filipinos thanks to the Empower buff.

But TNC pulled off an incredible fight near the rosh pit to make the game even. TIMS was still playing a phenomenal game, outplaying all of Vici with some incredible movement and decision making.

Vici Gaming managed to regain the advantage, once again, when the forced buybacks from TNC Predator after botched initiation from Kuku. But his redemption was almost near instant, as he initiated an absurd wombo-combo to wipe Vici Gaming.

The game was a back-and-forth affair, but in the end, TNC Predator managed to catch out Vici Gaming’s heroes without buyback and secured the Game 1 victory.

Game 2: The second game started off in a similar note, but the other way around with TNC Predator gaining an early lead. But Vici Gaming regained their footing utilizing their ravages to take some great fights.

TNC Predator did manage to reclaim their lead, however, Vici Gaming managed to make the comeback with Tidehunter managing to farm up a Refresher Orb and hitting multiple Triple Ravages to even up the series.

Game 3: It seemed like TNC were simply tired heading into Game 3. Their play, which looked so crisp in the previous games, had suddenly become very mediocre. 

Vici Gaming simply quite stomped them, winning all 3 lanes and dominated TNC Predator right from the get-go. None of TNC’s cores ever really got online, which handed the game on a silver platter to Vici Gaming who utilized the opportunity to build an overwhelming lead and force the GG to advance to the Winner Bracket Semi-Finals

TNC Predator’s journey at TI9 hasn’t yet ended though. They will play tomorrow in the Lower Brackets against the winner of the Fnatic vs Team Liquid matchup.

Vici Gaming on the other hand, advance to the winner bracket semi-finals against PSG.LGD.


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