OG reveals IO carry strategy at TI9 to beat NiP

Vignesh Raghuram
16/Aug/2019 07:42 am

What did we just witness? OG have pulled off one of the most memorable victories in TI, utilizing a Carry Wisp for ana to knack up a victory against PPD’s NiP in remarkable fashion. Here’s how OG managed to beat NiP with the most ridiculous draft we’ve seen so far in this International.

OG vs NiP

NiP thought they were throwing a curveball at OG when they decided to pickup Mirana is a Midlaner in this patch. But OG mindgamed them with pocket strategy shenanigans, picking up an IO for Ana and a Windranger for Topson.

Ana started off in the safelane against 33’s Sandking. The laning phase went the way of NiP as PPD and Saksa applied way too much pressure with their heroes, crippling OG’s farm.

However, OG soon found their footing in the mid-game by virtue of pick-offs setup by Axe and finished off by ana with his relocates. NiP chose to play a passive game, allowing OG to find their footing and eventually start chipping away at NiP’s map control and eventually siege their raxes,

NiP attempted to fight back, but ana’s Heart + Level 25 Talent (Attack Tethered Ally's Target) combined with Windranger’s Focus Fire proved to be too much for NiP.

They called ‘GG’ soon after OG began fountain diving.

We shouldn’t really be surprised to see OG pull off strategies like these at the biggest tournaments. After all, it was Notail who said:

OG are steadily beginning to look like Wings Gaming of TI6 who could make any strategy/any hero work. They’re gaining momentum once again and are looking increasingly likely to have a repeat of last year’s performance. This does not bode well for the rest of the contenders at TI9.


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