4 Shocking Things About The Dota 2 Scene Revealed By DeMoN

Vignesh Raghuram
9/May/2020 09:57 am

Earlier yesterday, we uploaded a video to our YouTube channel titled “The Story of Jimmy 'DeMoN' Ho”. In it, the former Dota 2 pro turned coach spoke to us about a variety of topics, including his journey from MYM an Evil Geniuses to TNC and more.

While narrating his gloried past and his journey through the Dota 2 scene, DeMoN revealed several new facts that were quite surprising and well frankly, shocking. Here are some of the most remarkable things we learnt from him.

DeMoN And His Teammates Were High When They Practiced Before TI1

Some of DeMoN's shenanigans before The International 2011 was also shared by the player. He stated that they didn't take things seriously which cost them dearly at TI1.

Timestamp: 02:40

“We were playing our games, like high. That was our practice, that’s how we would practice. That’s how bad the mentality and mindset that we had was. We were all young, ignorant, naive with our egos, it was just too high. If we had just toned it down a little bit, we could have done something great at TI1 and probably could have even won it.”

DeMoN Did Not Expect To Be Kicked From EG

Timestamp: 08:36

The player did not expect to get kicked from the Evil Geniuses lineup right before TI3. He thought he was going to help recruit a new team together with Fear. However, in a fateful call, it was revealed that the player was getting kicked from the playing roster. However, the organization offered DeMoN an opportunity to stay on as a streamer.

He Almost Did Not Join TNC Pro Team At TI6; Would Have Played For A South American Team

Timestamp: 12:48

DeMoN also revealed that he almost made the decision that would have seen him not join TNC Predator. The player was set to join South American team Infamous, but it fell through because of a bad flight. 

“They booked me the most ridiculous flight to go to Peru, which was about a 27-28 hour travel time and I told them that this was absolutely ridiculous because you guys are trying to save a couple of hundred dollars”.

He stated that he was glad that things worked out this way and he ended up joining TNC Pro Team for TI6.

Initially, DeMoN Thought That TNC Pro Team Was Sketchy

Timestamp: 13:26

Initially, he thought that TNC Pro Team was sketchy. But the player then admitted that he was glad to have taken the leap of faith.

“There is a bad side and a good side to the Philippines. I didn’t know anything about TNC, I had no idea who any of the players were or the management, I had no information whatsoever. So that was kind of sketch, for them to kind of book me a flight. A lot of red flags came up. Who are these guys? How do they have this money? So and so.

In the end, I kind of just accepted the offer and asked: Can I see the itinerary? Because of what Infamous pulled off on me. They just asked me to pick my flight and book it myself and when I got there they would reimburse me.”

What was your favourite part of the video? We will be releasing Part-2 of DeMoN's story later today on YouTube. Be sure to check it out.


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