The 3 Heroes who got Dumpstered by Icefrog and the New Patch

Vignesh Raghuram
27/Nov/2019 03:59 pm

Patch 7.23, more popularly known as The Outlanders Update, finally came to Dota after months of anticipation. It surprised many, changing various aspects of gameplay including couriers, support items, neutral item drops, map, etc. It has already affected heroes and their impact, in pub games.

It has affected some in a positive way. Heroes like Razor, Lone Druid and Anti Mage have had a massive surge in win rate.

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However, it has also completely destroyed a few heroes. Here are the three heroes who have been most affected by this

Drow Ranger

It looks like the frog wasn’t particularly nice to Drow Ranger, in the 7.23 patch. He has completely changed her kit and has weakened the overwhelming DPS potential the hero had, in previous patches.

In the Outlanders patch, her agility was reduced from 30 + 2.8 to 20 + 2.6, Precision Aura was replaced with the ability to Multishot, and Marksmanship was also changed, making it an ability which no longer kills creeps instantly. 

This has contributed to her winrate dropping from 54.33% to 43.47%.

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Outworld Devourer

Outworld Devourer’s skill rework hasn’t worked well. The hero has just become ineffective and doesn’t really do that much damage in the later stages of the game, which makes him a liability.

The hero’s Arcane Orb ability was changed in the recent patch. It no longer damages in an AOE or steals intelligence. Valve also redesigned Sanity's Eclipse. OD’s ultimate no longer burns mana, and its damage does not depend on the difference in intelligence, but rather the difference in mana, reducing the hero’s late-game potential.

The hero’s winrate has decreased from 48% to 38.55% after the patch dropped earlier yesterday.

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One would imagine that the stealth assassin, would do well, once he hits level 30 considering his talents. However, that doesn’t seem like the case in this patch. With supports basically having infinite gold thanks to the latest changes to Observer Wards, life has become hell for Riki.

The fact that his Agility growth was greatly reduced while his Ultimate and other skills were reworked in the 7.23 patch hasn’t really helped the hero’s case. Perhaps pro players will figure out a viable build for Riki by the time the Open Qualifiers for the DreamLeague Season 13 Leipzig Major kicks off, tomorrow.

Until then Riki pickers will have to lament in the fact that their beloved hero has had his winrate drop from 56% to 48.6%.

Image Courtesy: Dotabuff


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