[Watch] CadiaN’s Insane 1v4 Clutch Against Gambit if a Real Crowd Was Present

Aditya Singh Rawat
24/Apr/2021 08:28 pm

CS:GO content creator recreates how cadiaN's epic 1v4 clutch against Gambit would have played out in front of a live audience.
The insane clutch is probably cadiaN's career highlight and is considered as one of the best plays in the history of Counter-Strike.

Heroic’s captain Casper "cadiaN" Møller had recently taken a landmark 1v4 clutch against Gambit Esports, which was referred to as one of the best plays in the history of competitive Counter-Strike. The only thing absent was that despite it being absolutely perfect in every way possible, there was no audience to witness the action live. A CS:GO user who goes by the name of ‘2voo’ on YouTube recently created a video, showcasing how the clutch would have actually taken place if the match was being played in front of a live audience. The outcome was absolutely brilliant going viral within the CS:GO community within no time.

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CadiaN’s 1v4 clutch if it took place in front of a real crowd

It has been more than a year since CS:GO was played competitively in a LAN environment with a live audience. This has resulted in a lot of changes within the Counter-Strike scene, witnessing the rise and fall of different teams, with not a single lineup dominating the circuit outright and claiming it to be their year.

During this instability, if there is one CS:GO team that has managed to redeem itself, Heroic is the only acceptable answer and a huge reason behind this is their IGL cadiaN. The 25-year-old Dane recently took a crucial 1v4 clutch on Mirage that resulted in Heroic winning the ESL Pro League Season 13, gifting himself a career highlight play.

The community while accepting it as one of the best plays ever that would definitely go down in the history books of Counter-Strike, debated long and hard whether it deserved its own sticker or not. While Valve is yet to take a decision on that, it did go ahead and acknowledge the clutch which is a win in itself.

But despite all the hype surrounding the incredible play, there seemed to be an important ingredient missing from the grand scheme of things, the atmosphere created by a live audience. So, a CS:GO content creator that goes by the name of ‘2voo’ on YouTube came forward to recreate how cadiaN’s epic 1v4 clutch would have played out in a LAN environment, in front of a real crowd.

The result was the video going viral within the CS:GO community with nothing but appreciation for how accurate it was. The video was actually an indirect diss on the infamous crowd cheating incidents which had become a matter of concern for the entire Counter-Strike community, a few months prior to the scene completely shifting online.

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