[Watch] NiKo Shows Fastest Way to Smoke Coffin on CS:GO Map Inferno

Aditya Singh Rawat
2/Apr/2021 12:04 pm

NiKo shows the fastest smoke lineup from 'Banana' to 'Coffin' on Inferno.
The on the run smoke lineup does not require players to stop or jump, they can simply throw the utility while running down 'Banana'.
NiKo has used this smoke multiple times when playing on Inferno with FaZe Clan.

A CS:GO user recently highlighted a unique smoke that Nikola "NiKo" Kovač usually uses to block the vision from ‘Coffin’ on Inferno. This seems to be the fastest way to block out enemy vision from towards the ‘Coffin’ area, without having to waste any time jumping on top of the woodpile and lining up your utility. The best thing about NiKo’s fast smoke execution is that there is no jump throw action required, this means that the smoke will more or less work equally efficiently across both 64 and 128 tick servers. NiKo has used this smoke multiple times in professional matches and was a part of FaZe Clan’s ‘B-Site’ execution when playing Inferno.

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NiKo Shows Fastest Way To Smoke Coffin On Inferno

NiKo is hands down one of the best CS:GO players in the world. He was recently acquired by G2 Esports’ for what was touted as one of the biggest player transfers in the history of CS:GO. His departure did dent FaZe Clan for a few months before he was successfully replaced by Finn "karrigan" Andersen.

But despite his rifling prowess, NiKo is equally adept at controlling the pace of the game and coming up with great utility lineups to plan executes for his side. Him being the in-game leader for FaZe Clan demanded all this from the 24-year-old Bosnian player. One of his go-to strategies when playing on Inferno as T-side was a fast-paced ‘B-Site’ hit, and one main reason behind its success was a fast smoke towards ‘Coffin’ which NiKo had found out.

The on the run smoke throw is extremely powerful as it catches the enemy by surprise and throws off their timing. Usually, a player sets up this smoke by either lining up a jump throw or from on top of the woodpile, but NiKo simply throws it while charging down ‘Banana’, bouncing the smoke of the building’s roof bang in front of ‘Coffin’.

There are various ways that NiKo used to throw this smoke, sometimes by faking an ‘A-Site’ plant, mostly when doing a committed ‘B-Site’ rush, seldom a slow mid/lurk to ‘B-Site’ push, and other such variants. The smoke lineup seems easy when watching, but it does require a lot of practice due to the very high margin of error.

It is a great lineup to add to your arsenal of utility throws and it will definitely reward you and your team, especially when pushing lower ranks. The best thing is due to it being a normal throw, its efficiency will not take a significant hit across both 64 and 128 tick servers.

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