OG Lose Last CS:GO Match With NBK, Heroic Remain Unbeaten in EPL Group-A

Daniel Medado
12/Mar/2021 08:09 am

OG lost to Heroic in what is likely their last match with NBK as part of their active CS:GO lineup.
Heroic extend their ESL Pro League Season 13 'Group-A ' win-streak to 4 games following their victory against OG.
Heroic automatically qualify for the playoffs of the tournament, while OG will have to win their last group stage game against FPX to qualify.

On day four of the ESL Pro League Season 13: Group Stage, OG lost their final match with Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt who had returned to the active lineup for “one last dance”. OG is officially competing in the tournament with Nikolaj “niko” Kristensen, but due to possible conflicts of interest, they had to pull NBK back from the bench to go up against Heroic. The series went all the way to the third map, but the revamped Heroic squad were able to beat OG, extending their unbeaten streak in ‘Group-A’ to four matches now. Heroic has now qualified for the playoffs, while OG still needs to fight for the third spot in the group in order to qualify for the next stage.

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OG fights hard but Heroic remain unbeaten in Group-A

OG played against Heroic on day four of their ESL Pro League Season 13: Group Stage, along with their benched player NBK, who had replaced niko on the active lineup. The switch was made due to a potential conflict of interest, as the Danish rifler is still contracted to Heroic and is playing on OG as a loaned player.

The series went down to the wire despite OG making a roster shuffle right before a crucial series against Heroic, who is hands down the strongest team in ‘Group-A’. The first map ‘Mirage’ went the way of Heroic after OG showed little to no resistance on their own map pick, making it tougher for themselves to come back in the match.

The second map was a statement by OG as they took a dominant win over Heroic on ‘Train’ with a ‘16-10’ scoreline, leveling the series ‘1-1’. The final map between the two sides was played on ‘Overpass’, where Heroic took control of the match right from the start and did not let go. The Danes won yet again with a ‘16-6’ scoreline, handing OG their second loss in the Group Stage while extending their unbeaten run to 4 consecutive matches now. 

The following victory has resulted in an automatic qualification for Heroic to the playoffs stage of the tournament. On the other hand, OG now faces a tough situation where they need to win their next match against FunPlus Phoenix at all costs, if they want to continue competing in the tournament. 

Group-A standings after day 4 now look like this:

TeamStandings (Win-Loss)Points
FunPlus Phoenix2-26

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