ESL Pro League S13 Group A Day 1 Results

Daniel Medado
9/Mar/2021 11:27 am

The Group stage of ESL Pro League season 13 has begun.
The first group to play is Group A. The top 2 teams of the group will move on to the Playoffs.
The teams playing in Group A are FPX, Complexity, Renegades, OG, Heroic and BIG.

Season 13 of ESL Pro League started yesterday with Group A playing first, and there were some really exciting games and results during day 1. With three of the six teams in Group A undergoing roster changes recently, almost every game was unpredictable. The teams who will play in group A are FunPlus Phoenix, Complexity, Renegades, OG, Heroic, and BIG. On day 1 the matchups were FPX vs Complexity, Heroic vs Renegades, and OG vs BIG. All the teams in the group will play each other once within the week, and the top two teams will move on to the next stage of the tournament.

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EPL S13: Group A Day 1 Results

Complexity vs FPX

ESL Pro League S13 is FPX’s first tournament with Miikka "suNny" Kemppi as a stand-in. The first game of the tournament saw them go against Complexity. FPX’s map pick Nuke was the first destination of the best-of-three series. Nuke was very one-sided in favor of Complexity. The map ended with a scoreline of ‘16-6’. 

It was the same story on the second map which was Dust 2. Complexity kept up the momentum going into their map choice and quickly defeated FPX. The match ended with a scoreline of ‘16-10’ and with that win, Complexity took the series 2-0 over FPX.

Heroic vs Renegades 

Heroic recently added Ismail "refrezh" Ali and Rasmus "sjuush" Beck to the active lineup. Their first game was against Renegades, who lost their In-Game leader to mouseports earlier this year. The first map Inferno was Renegades’ choice. It was a very close match, and it went all the way to overtime. 

Despite a good attempt from Renegades in overtime, The Danes bested them in the first map ‘19-16’. Heroic continued that momentum on the second map which was Train. It was far from the close match that happened on Inferno. Heroic closed out the second map ‘16-5’ and won the series 2-0.


OG, with Nikolaj "niko" Kristensen standing-in, played against BIG during the last series of the day. The first two maps finished with the exact same scoreline of ‘14-16’, with Overpass going to BIG and Nuke going to OG.

It looked like a close third map was set to happen but what actually took place was a dominant showing from OG. They ended the final map with a commanding ‘16-6’ victory. OG take the series 2-1 over BIG to finish Day 1 of group A.

TeamStanding (wins-loss)Points
FunPlus Phoenix0-10

After day 1, OG, Complexity and Heroic now lead the group with 3 points and 1 win each to their name. These 6 teams will continue to play against each other for four more days. This is to decide who moves on to the Playoffs from group A. Only the top two teams of the group will continue forward in the tournament.

The Day 2 matchups are:

  • FPX vs Renegades
  • Complexity vs OG 
  • BIG vs Heroic 

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