Autimatic Quits CS:GO, Joins T1 Valorant Roster

Aditya Singh Rawat
5/Feb/2021 06:25 am

Former North American CS:GO player autimatic has quit competitive Counter-Strike to pursue a career in Valorant.
Autimatic leaves Gen.G Esports after 14 months to join T1's Valorant roster where he will be playing along with the iBUYPOWER quartet.
This move comes days after flusha revealed that the plans of creating an international CS:GO team in Europe along with autimatic, suNny, and 2 more players had been scrapped.

North American esports athlete Timothy "autimatic" Ta has announced his departure from CS:GO, as he prepares to join T1’s Valorant roster. The former Gen.G Esports AWPer/Rifler was put on a transfer list by the organization along with other members of their CS:GO lineup last year, as Gen.G was ready to step down from the esports title for the time being. Autimatic had teased a move to Valorant for quite some time before rumours about him making a CS:GO team along with Robin "⁠flusha⁠" Ronnquist and Miikka "suNny" Kemppi started to crop up.

Unfortunately, those plans never saw the light of day as revealed by flusha himself in an interview with HLTV. He had stated that they had a complete CS:GO lineup but no organization was ready to sign them due to the scene being very volatile at the moment. This was the tipping point for autimatic who days after the revelation has been signed by T1 as a Valorant player.

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Autimatic quits CS:GO and switches over to Valorant

Right after Gen.G Esports had put their entire CS:GO lineup on a transfer list, autimatic had announced his availability clearly stating that he wanted to continue as an AWPer moving forward and was comfortable in both North America and Europe.

But as part of the same announcement autimatic had also revealed that he would be playing Valorant for a few weeks just to try out the game and then make a decision. This was followed by another remark where he had said that “Never thought I’d be spending my entire player break playing a game made by Riot,” while some said it was just a tease as autimatic had not specifically said Valorant, it did give everyone a fair idea of what the statement meant.

With the talks of autimatic playing along with flusha, suNny, and two more unnamed players in Europe as part of an international CS:GO lineup came to an end, he decided to finally move over to Valorant and has been picked up by T1.

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Autimatic leaves Gen.G (CS:GO) to Join T1 (Valorant)

Autimatic spent close to 14 months with Gen.G Esports as part of their CS:GO lineup during which the team had multiple moments of success like a victory at DreamHack Open Anaheim 2020 and ESL One: Road to Rio - North America, along with a second place finish at cs_summit 6 Online: North America.

But with the organization stepping down from competitive CS:GO, the lineup had to disperse. A farewell statement by Gen.G Esports read as follows,

“Today we say goodbye to autimatic as he’ll be joining T1's Valorant roster. Thank you for always giving it your all since our entry into CS:GO, and showing us what it’s like to be a champion. We’ll miss you and wish you the best in your future.”

Autimatic who is now a part of T1’s Valorant roster will be joining his former teammate Tyler "⁠Skadoodle⁠" Latham along with the iBUYPOWER banned players Braxton "⁠swag⁠" Pierce, Keven "⁠AZK⁠" Lariviere, and Sam "⁠DaZeD⁠" Marine. T1 has not been the best performing Valorant team in NA and has opted to add more experienced firepower to their lineup in the form of automatic, it will be interesting to see how this works out for the organization.


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