Bizarre CS:GO Bug Makes it Impossible to Headshot Players

Aditya Singh Rawat
2/Feb/2021 12:12 pm

A bizarre CS:GO bug has been spotted which makes it impossible to land a headshot on the affected player.
This unusual bug randomly affects a particular player model disappearing their head completely.
In most cases the 'T-sided' characters are affected by this bug and it transfers over to the other team when the side switches during halftime.

How do you headshot a player in CS:GO if they do not have a head to shoot at? Well, sadly you just have to deal with it till the match comes to an end. In a recent clip shared by a CS:GO player, a bizarre bug has been spotted which affects a particular player model’s head, completely vanishing it for the entirety of the game. This bug might look and sound hilarious but if it accidentally creeps up during an important match or a professional tournament it could have a huge impact on the gameplay, directly affecting the outcome.

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Bizarre CS:GO bug completely vanishes player head

If you had to guess former CS:GO star Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom’s worst nightmare, what would it be? Missing headshots will probably be the most common answer, but what if he is able to hit a headshot every single time and there is no head to shoot at. Now that would be really frustrating!

Well, Valve has a habit of turning everyone’s worst nightmare into reality and the developers might have once again hit the jackpot. A clip shared by ‘u/0fficialphu0ng’ displays an unusual bug where the head of a random ‘T-sided’ player suddenly disappears, not just for that round but till the end of the half or in a worst-case scenario even till the end of the entire game.

This bug might seem hilarious until you are on the receiving end and it only gets worst if it creeps up during a professional match, as it does have the potential to affect the gameplay side of things.

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The bug affects a random player model in a game and till now no one is certain when or why does it occur. The player model affected no longer displays a visible head to the other players, irrespective of whether they are in the opposite team or his own. 

As per some users, this bug mostly affects ‘T-sided’ player models and when the team’s switch sides, the player who is assigned the affected player model no longer shows a visible head. Which means that it could be a server-side issue. It was also not a one-time thing as many other users came forward to confess that they had come across a similar bug as well.

Hope Valve is able to address this issue at the earliest so the players who have a high headshot percentage do not suffer too much when it comes to showing off their stats, and those who like to hit on the body and leg do not escape the ‘Silver Prison’.

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