Critical CS:GO Bug Affects Bullet Accuracy While Crouching

Aditya Singh Rawat
29/Jan/2021 11:19 am

A critical CS:GO bug has been highlighted by a user which shows that crouching and firing a weapon leads to bullet inaccuracy.
The bizarre interaction goes against the intended game mechanics and is only observed when a player goes into a crouching position after shift walking.
When a player fires a weapon from a crouching position right after walking, the first two bullets are highly inaccurate after which the accuracy is restored.

Do you remember some of the basics when starting out with CS:GO? One of the things most of us were repeatedly told as a beginner was to crouch and spray for better accuracy. Well, it turns out that this might not have been the best advice and may have cost a lot of us many duels that could have easily been won.

CS:GO player ‘u/birkir’ breaks down in great detail a game-breaking bug which affects bullet accuracy, every time a player crouches to take a shot right after walking. This is a bizarre interaction which should not exist in CS:GO, it goes against the game mechanics and was first discovered in 2019 by ‘u/Zoddom’.

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Huge CS:GO bug found that affects bullet accuracy

A critical CS:GO bug has been highlighted by ‘u/birkir’ which affects bullet accuracy of a player when they fire a weapon from a crouching position. The bug only triggers if a player goes into a crouching position after walking (shift walking) and fires a weapon, this means that if a player is running and goes into a crouching position to take a shot the bullet accuracy is maintained.

The bullet accuracy is way off the charts for the first two bullets when a player transitions into a crouching position after shift walking, after which the accuracy is restored. This is a particularly unusual game behavior and should not be the case under any circumstances, moreover missing the first two shots is enough to lose the duel due to which solving this bug is even more crucial.

The video above explains in detail how the bug affects bullet accuracy and the conditions under which it is triggered. The worst thing about this game-breaking bug is that it has been highlighted numerous times before, ‘u/Zoddom’ had made a detailed analysis on it two years ago in 2019 but still, no action has been taken by Valve to fix it so far.

According to a mathematical explanation presented by ‘u/Zoddom’, “The accuracy gain a user gets from walking is more rather than running, but when the user crouches they immediately lose that effect and the movement inaccuracy is calculated as if they were running.” 

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This could explain why the first two bullets are so massively inaccurate but then returns to the proper state that it should be in. This is a seriously huge bug which directly impacts CS:GO’s gameplay, Valve ignoring this for so long is very unfortunate. Hope that the developers can fix this as soon as possible so all of us can find a new reason to blame all the missed shots on.


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