Na’Vi-Vitality Becomes Most-Watched Online CS:GO Match in History

Aditya Singh Rawat
25/Jan/2021 10:00 am

The third map between Na'Vi and Vitality which took place on Dust 2 sets a new peak viewership record for online CS:GO.
A peak of 687,691 concurrent viewers was observed during the Na'Vi-Vitality faceoff, making it the most viewed online match of CS:GO in history.
4 out of the top 5 most viewed CS:GO games during BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020 involved Na'Vi.

BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020 concluded yesterday with Natus Vincere walking away as the champions. Their lower bracket run leading to them winning the tournament was surreal and along the way, Na’Vi unknowingly helped break a few viewership records also.

Natus Vincere’s match against Team Vitality in the lower bracket final attracted a huge number of viewers yesterday. The face-off between the two teams went down to the wire, reaching a peak of 687,691 concurrent viewers, making it the most-watched online match of CS:GO in history.

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Na’Vi-Vitality: Highest peak viewership record for online CS:GO

The CIS roster of Na’Vi has once again started the year with a victory right off the bat, but only time will tell if they are able to maintain consistency or not. Many have come forward to say that this is the best version of Na’Vi that they have come across in a long time and their incredible lower bracket run is a testament to this.

Na’Vi fans were greeted with a disappointing start but as the tournament went on the CIS lineup picked up the pace. They beat five teams on the trot, Complexity, G2 Esports, Team Liquid, Team Vitality, and Astralis, to walk away with a massive cash prize of $600,000 USD.

More viewers flocked to support Na’Vi as they made their way through the lower bracket, reaching a peak of 660,000 concurrent viewers against Vitality on the first map Nuke. This viewership further increased as the match went down to a crucial third game decider on Dust 2, where a record-breaking peak concurrent viewership of 687,691 was achieved.

This made the Na’Vi-Vitality match at BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020 the most viewed online match of CS:GO in history. The Na’Vi supporters were present to watch their team take down two of the best CS:GO teams in the world in back-to-back matches on the same day.

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With this victory, Na’Vi has finally ended its drought of winning a top-tier CS:GO tournament with their last victory coming at IEM Katowice 2020, the last big LAN CS:GO event before the transition to an online format. The community hopes to see Na’Vi perform in this very fashion going ahead but consistency has been this team’s weakness, so the future of the team is still uncertain unless they walk out and win another tournament in a similar manner.


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