CS:GO Pros Koosta & Leaf Switch to Valorant, Join Gen.G & Cloud9

Aditya Singh Rawat
22/Jan/2021 05:07 pm

North American CS:GO pros koosta and leaf retire from Counter-Strike and switch to Valorant.
Koosta shifts internally to play for Gen.G Esports' Valorant roster while leaf gets picked by Cloud9.
Do you think more players from the region will shift to Valorant in 2021?

2020 was a testing time for the North American CS:GO scene which witnessed a clear decline due to Counter-Strike tournaments transitioning to an online format. A combination of various factors led to multiple CS:GO teams stepping down from the title and the players quickly moving over to compete in Valorant professionally.

The latest CS:GO players from the region to leave Counter-Strike and switch over to Valorant are Kenneth "koosta" Suen and Nathan "leaf" Orf. While koosta has made an internal switch in Gen.G Esports itself, leaf has been acquired by Cloud9’s Valorant team ‘Cloud9 Blue’ as a replacement for their star player Tyson "TenZ" Ngo.

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Koosta, Leaf leave CS:GO for Valorant

Two more North American CS:GO players, koosta and leaf have retired from Counter-Strike to take up Valorant as their respective organizations Gen.G Esports and Chaos Esports Club chose to step down from competing in the game. Both the players waited for some time before making their individual decisions, koosta making an internal switch to Gen.G Esports’ Valorant team while leaf joined Cloud9’s Valorant team as their fourth permanent player.

Kenneth "koosta" Suen

Koosta after playing CS:GO competitively for six years has finally decided to leave the game. Through his career, the 24-year-old played for multiple big North American organizations like Team Liquid, Counter Logic Gaming, Ghost Gaming, Cloud9, and Gen.G Esports.

He might not be the youngest player on the block but the experience he brings with him to Gen.G’s Valorant roster is immense. Of course, time will tell how good koosta actually is as he has not played in a single Valorant tournament yet.

Nathan "leaf" Orf

Leaf had just started playing CS:GO competitively but despite having only a two-year-long career, the North American rifler had already managed to gain notoriety within the Brazilian community. The talented youngster was so good that MIBR had accused him of cheating following their defeat to Chaos Esports Club, leaf’s former club.

With Chaos stepping down from competitive CS:GO even leaf decided to shift his focus towards Valorant. He is a young talented player and an excellent pick for Cloud9 who are creating a new roster for 2021 season.

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