FalleN & Immortals COO Have a Public Spat Over Payment Issues

Aditya Singh Rawat
11/Jan/2021 10:18 am

FalleN and Immortals COO Lurppis engage in a public spat over past payment issues.
The ex-MIBR IGL accused lurppis of non-payment when signed over from SK Gaming to MIBR in 2018.
Lurppis defends against these accusation by explaining how the payments were allegedly made while revealing that $100,000 was paid to each player in extra salary above contract.

Team Liquid recently announced the signing of their fifth permanent player Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo, who was sitting on MIBR’s bench since September 2020. While the Brazilian crowd was excited to see FalleN return to the competitive scene, a small blunder made by Team Liquid has resulted in a public dispute between FalleN and Immortals COO, Tomi ‘lurppis’ Kovanen.

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FalleN Accuses Immortals COO Of Not Paying Him

Team Liquid had come out on social media to reveal that they had forgotten to give MIBR a heads up before announcing the signing of FalleN while stating that they “strive to be good partners off the server and should have checked ourselves.”

Immortals COO - Lurppis which is MIBR’s parent company, while acknowledging a user’s remark on this Tweet said that “It’s common courtesy to agree on a release time” and that MIBR’s social media teams were not to be blamed in this particular situation.

As things were being cleared out between the two organizations, things suddenly took a turn for the worse when lurppis replied to a user questioning MIBR’s signing of the old SK Gaming lineup, “We continue pursuing options against SK because our German lawyers have advised us that SK illegally withheld ~$250k from the players, which we paid each at different times. However, we also paid them ~$100k each in extra salary above contract, but that never comes up.”

The situation had something to do with a payment issue that had taken place almost three years back when MIBR had acquired the SK Gaming’s CS:GO lineup in June 2018. Responding to this particular comment, FalleN came forward to state that “That’s not true as you never paid me and made sure I sign out without receiving it. Signing an NDA with you doesn’t mean I will see you lying on social media and be quiet.”

Lurppis did go on to defend against FalleN’s accusations by saying that the payment was made as “part of the buyout” while hinting that their might have been a misunderstanding from their agent’s side.  He reiterated the fact that MIBR paid “~$100k extra out of the kindness of our hearts in good faith, outside of what we had contractually agreed to, and somehow that never gets mentioned.”

No reply has been received from FalleN’s side so far but this does not mean that the dispute is over. Duncan "Thorin" Shields came forth to give his opinion on this matter as he went on to say that “These (ex-MIBR core) are not men of honour”.

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