CS:GO Pro FNX Accused of Sharing Private Video of Twitch Streamer Without Consent

Aditya Singh Rawat
7/Jan/2021 12:00 am

Brazilian Twitch streamer Elfa accuses popular CS:GO player fnx of sharing their private intimate video without her consent.
She alleges that fnx had recorded an intimate video of them together, later sharing it to a WhatsApp group without her consent.
Elfa has attached multiple screenshots along with a video to back up all her claims.

Popular CS:GO pro Lincoln “fnx” Lau has been accused by Twitch streamer and esports host Renata ‘Elfa’ Schozen of sharing a personal intimate video of them together without her consent. This accusation has sent shockwaves through the Brazilian gaming community with Elfa stating that the private video was allegedly shared in a WhatsApp group by the Brazilian rifler.

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CS:GO Pro FNX Accused Of Sharing Private Video Without Consent

As explained by Elfa on January 5, she and fnx had got into a physical relationship in 2019. During their relationship, fnx had allegedly recorded an intimate video of them together, which Elfa alleges was later shared to a WhatsApp group without her consent.

Elfa goes on to claim that she was made aware of the situation by three different people, further explaining that “regardless of whether the video was made WITH or WITHOUT consent,” exposing the intimate video by sharing it without her consent “is the CRIME”.

The Brazilian streamer attached a string of screenshots to back her claims, which were a mix of Instagram conversations that took place between them and even a picture from the intimate video in question.

Sticking to her claims, Elfa states that she is not afraid as she has countless witnesses to prove whatever she had said.

“He may even delete the video and retaliate in some way, but this will not be in vain, I want justice for me and for all the others who pass me by, I know that I'm not alone.”

Elfa even posted a video which she claimed to be fnx’s voice recording. The original recording is in Brazilian but according to Dexerto’s translation, it says that “A girl sent me a message saying that one of you, not sure if it were the CS guys or Titan, who was in the group, can’t remember if I’ve sent anything… saying that one of you sent a video of mine having sex with some girl. I’m gonna meet her this week and she’s gonna tell me who did it. I’m asking you guys to tell the truth about what happened, otherwise it’s gonna get worse later.”

Elfa went on to reveal that she is a lawyer while claiming to have both the print of the intimate video and more than one eyewitness to prove it. She also knows “the consequences of false information in a judicial proceeding,” indirectly conveying that everything she claims is true.

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More than a day has passed since the initial claims came out against fnx by Elfa and the 30-year-old Brazilian has still not come forward with any sort of a statement or apology on the situation from his side.

However, popular Brazilian CS:GO streamer Gaules came forward to say that “I wanted to tell the victims that you shouldn't justify anything and that you shouldn't feel guilty or wrong for something that happened either! To abusers (I hope) that justice is done! I hope that one-day women can feel safe!”

This accusation has come forward following a series of other serious allegations being made in the Brazilian esports scene. Fnx currently plays CS:GO for the Brazilian organization Imperial Esports, against whom late CS:GO player Matheus “brutt” Queiroz's family took legal action for negligence towards his deteriorating health.


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