Indian TV News Channel Uses CS:GO Model During News Segment

Aditya Singh Rawat
5/Jan/2021 01:25 pm

Indian TV news channel 'Times Now' uses CS:GO model during a prime time news segment.
The character was part of a prime time news debate about the pro-article 370 protests.
This is not the first time that a gaming reference has been used to spread awareness within the country.

Indian TV news channels seem to be quite interested in using CS:GO models while reporting specific news segment that requires an animated overlay. In May 2020, a Hindi news channel called ‘ABP News’ was spotted using a T-sided default character model to report on the COVID-19 situation. Now once again the same character has been used by another news channel ‘Times Now’, during their prime time telecast ’The Newshour’.

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Indian News Channel Uses CS:GO Model

‘Times Now’ during one of their recent prime time discussions was debating about the possibility of terrorist involvement in the pro-Article 370 protests that have been taking place across Jammu and Kashmir. During this debate, the news channel used the default T-sided CS:GO model to represent what they actually are and though it did fit the theme of the news debate pretty well, the CS:GO community had a few comments of their own.

The CS:GO community had a great laugh on this whole situation, but many of the foreign players were quite perplexed with the telecast format being adopted by the news channel. One of them referred to the news broadcast as “eye cancer” while another was of the opinion that it looked like a “fake news broadcast for a TV/Movie that they cut to for like 5 seconds”.

If this was not harsh enough another user counted all the creatives on the screen which came out to be “14 text-panels and 5 different images” before another summed it up as being an experience equivalent to browsing websites without an AdBlock.

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The CS:GO community really has no chill when it comes to roasting anything and everything. But despite the brutal remarks about the telecast, a user went on a tangent to connect something remarkably vague which the community found quite interesting.

As this news discussion mostly revolved around an alleged Hizbul Mujahideen Operative called Irfan Mir, u/baxigamer22 was quick to recall that a Russian CS:GO player with a similar Gamertag also exists, Nikolay "mir" Bityukov.

This is also not the first time that an Indian TV news channel has used a CS:GO player model in their telecast. Earlier Hindi news channel ‘ABP News’ had used the same model while giving an update on the coronavirus situation within India.


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