TACO Reveals Why Leaving Liquid to Join MIBR Was a “bad decision”

Aditya Singh Rawat
15/Dec/2020 03:03 pm

TACO in a recent Brazilian interview spoke about why he decided to join MIBR in 2018.
Looking back at his choice of leaving Team Liquid, TACO said that it was a "bad decision".
TACO has been absent from the competitive CS:GO circuit for more than three month now.

Brazilian star rifler Epitacio "TACO" de Melo who has been absent from the professional CS:GO circuit for more than three months recently spoke about why leaving Team Liquid to join MIBR was a “bad decision”. 

The 25-year-old in an interview with ‘Flow Podcast’ which took place in Brazilian spoke about a lot of things including why he took the decision to join MIBR in December 2018, and in hindsight how staying with Team Liquid was the better choice.

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Liquid To MIBR: TACO Explains Why It Was A Bad Decision

TACO has taken a backseat from competitive CS:GO since being benched from MIBR’s active roster along with Fernando "fer" Alvarenga and Ricardo "dead" Sinigaglia. But despite being away from the limelight the Brazilian has still managed to raise a few eyebrows, as he recently said that moving to MIBR “was a bad decision” because “looking back after a long time in my career, I think we (Team Liquid) were very close to winning, we were getting multiple second-place finishes.”

Having said that TACO also explained why at the time he took the decision to leave Team Liquid and join MIBR. He said that “I was convinced that I was going to be back and we were going to be the best team in the world again.”

According to the Brazilian, this was the only reason for him to return to MIBR because if this was not the case he would have definitely not come back. He continued “I trusted 100% in the guys I was going to play with, which at the time were, felps, FalleN, Coldzera, and fer.”

Sadly since joining MIBR the star-studded team including TACO could not find the kind of success that they were after. They constantly struggled, showing glimpses of hope every now and then but never found consistent form. 2020 was the worst year for them and the management finally had to step in to disband the roster in order to build a new MIBR.

There have been a few rumours connecting TACO with some teams but nothing concrete has materialized so far. It was a bit surprising to not seeing his name in FalleN’s leaked roster that surfaced last month, let’s see when TACO comes back and if he joins an international roster or gets picked by a Brazilian lineup itself.

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