Hidden CS:GO Update Fixes One Way Smoke Exploit on Overpass

Aditya Singh Rawat
9/Dec/2020 10:15 am

CS:GO developers push out an unlisted change along with the recent update.
The unlisted change solves the one-way smoke exploit on Overpass.
This might not be a permanent fix for the problem as similar one-way smoke exploit also exists on other maps.

Since the release of CS:GO’s tenth operation ‘Broken Fang’ Valve has been busy rolling out small fixes related to the numerous game content that came along with the battle pass. But along with fixing these noticeable problems most of which have been reported by the community members, Valve has also released a few hidden updates which they have not mentioned in their release notes but certain users were smart enough to point them out regardless.

This included the mini version of the iconic CS:GO map Dust 2 followed by a minor change on Overpass that effectively combats the one-way smoke problem at ‘Lower Tunnels’.

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CS:GO Update Fixes Overpass One Way Smoke Exploit

There has been an old one-way smoke exploit which has caused problems for many players that find themselves trapped around the ‘Lower Tunnel’ position on Overpass. The exploit was basically a weird interaction between a smoke grenade and the lamp lights present on the lower left side of the tunnel, as they would reveal the position of a player trying to push through the smoke due to the light patch getting blocked by their player model.

Players used to smoke this ‘Lower Tunnel’ position and then patiently stand on the other side waiting for the opponents to push through it. Due to the exploit, the position of the users pushing through the smoke would be revealed as their player model would block out the source of light and they would immediately be sprayed down.

CS:GO developers finally decided to solve this problem by pushing out a hidden update through which they have shifted the lamp lights from the lower left side of the tunnel to the upper right side, rendering this exploit useless.

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This was a smart move by the developers which has solved the one-way smoke issue on this particular position but unfortunately, there are similar positions on other maps as well where the same problem exists. So either the developers would have to change the position of light sources in those places also or they need to come up with a more solid solution that completely shuts down this type of an interaction between light sources and smoke grenades.

The community stands divided on this issue as some consider this to be a bug while others argue that it is an intentional game mechanic because similar interactions can be observed across multiple positions on different maps.


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