S1mple Reveals Previous Contract Details And Retirement Plan

Aditya Singh Rawat
15/Nov/2020 04:34 pm

S1mple revealed the details of his previous contract in a recent podcast.
He also goes on to tell what salary he used to receive three-years ago.
S1mple talks about his retirement plan and the future he sees for Ukraine when it comes to esports.

One of the greatest CS:GO players ever Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev recently spoke about a lot of interesting things where he revealed his buyout price from a previous contract while also discussing how much he used to earn before. Not only this, but the 23-year-old also spoke about his retirement plans something he seems to be pretty confident about considering that he is still on top of his game at the moment.

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S1mple Reveals His Previous Buyout Price And Salary

In a recent interview with 2POpodcast, s1mple along with his brother Alexey Kostylev who is the Creative Director at Natus Vincere spoke at length about a lot of things including s1mple’s former buyout price and salary.

Upon being asked what s1mple’s transfer fee would be if a North American team showed interest his brother Alexey stepped in to say that You can pay a lot for someone like s1mple, but there is no such fixed cost attached to him and also we cannot discuss it.”

But no sooner had that statement ended, s1mple himself came forward to reveal the details of his previous contract as he went on to state that “The old contract was for a million dollars.” This was also confirmed by his brother who said that “Yes, the old contract was for a million dollars.”

As the discussion pivoted towards how much does an esports player earn, Alexey explained that it can vary from anywhere between a player earning $100 in an ordinary team to another earning $50,000 for just sitting and playing from his home. 

To add more context s1mple gave a personal example as he said that “Three years ago we had a salary of around $5,000-$7,000, but if we reached the top three then the salary increases to $15,000 and then it stayed there irrespective of whether we fall or not.”

S1mple On His Retirement Plan

Though s1mple is still performing really well and his peak seems to be lasting forever, the Ukrainian has already planned what he wants to do after retiring as an esports athlete as he goes on to say that “I think of keeping my life connected with esports, either I’ll stay in the organization or become a coach.”

Having said that s1mple also acknowledged that in the next 10 years there will be a whole new generation of players who will be “even stronger” and as these new talents appear he would “like esports to be at the highest level in Ukraine.”

Apart from this s1mple along with his brother spoke about countless other topics, but the most insightful takeaway has to be the former buyout price along with the three-year-old salary which would have only skyrocketed considering the player’s growth during this time period. It also gives us all a really good idea as to how incredibly high s1mple’s buyout fees would be at this point if any team or organization wanted to sign him.

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