[Watch] Genius Utility Lineup to Deny Fast B-Site Plant on Mirage

Aditya Singh Rawat
11/Nov/2020 03:05 pm

Every one of us has felt the frustration of being pushed out of the ‘B-Site’ on Mirage after a flurry of smokes and flashes leave us unable to do anything other than being pushed back to the ‘Market’ or stand our ground and try to put up a fight. But what if there was a way to counter this push with a little bit of help from a teammate standing between ‘Market’ and ‘jungle’? 

Well, there is a way according to u/TheShadowMuffin as he shares an amazing utility lineup from outside ‘Jungle’ towards ‘B-Site’ that can help players in denying both the default and short C4 plant or simply buy a few more seconds for the team to reach the location.

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200 IQ Utility Lineup Guarantees Success On Mirage ‘B-Site’

Holding ‘B-Site’ on Mirage all alone is probably one of the most difficult things in CS:GO especially when you are playing match-making with random players and the teamwork aspect is non-existent. 

This is where a slightly complicated yet highly effective 200 IQ utility lineup by u/TheShadowMuffin comes in to help you win the round for your team either by clutching the round all alone if you have a good shot or by buying your side a precious few seconds to reach the site before the C4 goes down.

From the clip above it is pretty evident that the lineup is not straight-forward and the player has to be quite accurate with their throw to replicate it successfully. The margin of error with this throw is really high simply because the opening for the utility is just enough for it to reach the site if thrown at a certain angle.

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While some users appreciated this find calling it helpful and genius, there were others who were not impressed by this and questioned the need for this lineup as it would mostly be a fail only resulting in a hindrance for their own team as it blocks their entry into the site through the market window.

In my opinion, this smoke is really helpful in the hands of the right player who is adequate skilled at the game. It is definitely not something you can throw by looking at the clip once, it would require several practice attempts in order to be thrown successfully and there could still be a 10% chance of messing it up during the match. This lineup is best saved up for a clutch round where the risk to reward ratio is in favor of the user!


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