GuardiaN Thinks VALORANT Cannot Compete With CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
11/Nov/2020 12:38 pm

GuardiaN thinks that VALORANT is a bad game.
He said that VALORANT cannot compete with Counter-Strike though it will surely go on to have its own competitive circuit.
According to him VALORANT is not a real FPS like Quake and CS:GO.

There has been a lot of talk about how CS:GO is slowly dying in North America and seems to be shifting towards Europe since the game shifted online due to the global lockdown. The fact that 100 Thieves stepped down from Counter-Strike for the second time back in October only adds strength to this argument but despite all the back and forth argument Slovakian CS player Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovacs thinks that “VALORANT is a bad game and I don’t think it can compete with CS.”

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GuardiaN Compares VALORANT To CS:GO

In a recent interview when GuardiaN was asked whether VALORANT is overrated or not, he replied by saying that the game was indeed overrated and he does not think it can compete with Counter-Strike. 

According to him, VALORANT is not the kind of FPS (first-person shooter) that he likes to play because it is not a “real FPS game” unlike Quake and CS. He feels it is a combination of Overwatch and CS:GO which somehow makes it a bad game and hence he feels that the game is overrated.

Having said all that GuardiaN also acknowledges the fact that the game will definitely go on to have its own competitive scene and circuit as it is a game developed by Riot. So the players that are currently competing in it do have something to look forward to as the developers have doubled down their efforts to accelerate the growth of the game.

While this might be his own take on the game it does have a resounding resemblance to something that popular Twitch streamer Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar had also spoken about in one of his recent streams. 

Summit1g while declaring that he would not stream a lot of VALORANT going forward had explained why the game makes him feel miserable when compared to CS:GO. He also mentioned that he would start doing a bit of CS:GO surfing to kick start his streams from now on as it would be a perfect balance between enjoying himself while also giving him time to interact with his viewers.

Surfing is quite popular in CSGOSurfing is quite popular in CSGO

This in no way means that VALORANT is actually a bad game as Canadian streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek seems to be an ardent supporter of the gaming title. He used to be critical of VALORANT before its release but seems to have changed his views about the game now, he did face a bit of flak from the CS:GO community for some his recent comments on the topic but stays true to streaming the Riot developed shooter.

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GuardiaN had announced his return to competitive Counter-Strike in early September but since then no team has come forward to pick up the experienced AWPer. For now, the Slovakian seems content streaming his FPL grind on Twitch while patiently waiting for any offers that might come his way.

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