Starix Caught Coaching Russian CS:GO Team Despite ESIC Ban

Aditya Singh Rawat
10/Nov/2020 11:32 am

Hard Legion coach starix caught coaching the team despite ESIC ban.
FACEIT admins remove him from the Flashpoint Season 2 Open Qualifiers.
Hard Legion to face some type of additional penalty for their actions.

Former Counter-Strike player turned coach Sergey "starix" Ischuk seems to be getting into a lot of trouble in recent times. Flashpoint commissioner Christopher "⁠MonteCristo⁠" Mykles revealed to HLTV how starix had been caught coaching Hard Legion during Flashpoint Season 2 open qualifiers despite being handed a 10-month ban from ESIC after he was caught cheating in the still ongoing ‘Spectator Bug Abuse’ investigation.

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Starix Caught Coaching Hard Legion Despite ESIC Ban

Starix was handed a 10-month ban by ESIC after the esports watchdog caught him abusing the spectator bug against Tricked in 2017 for 15 rounds at IEM Katowice 2017 European Closed Qualifiers. But despite the ban, the 32-year-old Ukrainian was spotted coaching Hard Legion at the Flashpoint 2 open qualifiers “due to the lack of an automated system to detect banned coaches.”

Starix was able to coach Hard Legion through the first open qualifier as he went undetected but FACEIT was better prepared for this during the second open qualifier in which “the Ukrainian was removed from the team by FACEIT’s admins.”

While sharing this piece of information MonteCristo pointed out that a lack of an automated system to filter banned players and coaches is a huge problem especially during open qualifiers where a lot of team participation is observed. He further clarified that banned players and coaches will not be allowed to participate in the upcoming Flashpoint Season 2 and that Hard Legion will most likely be facing some type of additional penalty for their actions.

It is brave of starix to ignore the ban imposed against him and continue to act as the team’s coach, but the above situation could have been prevented if the organization themselves were actively monitoring the situation.

The Ukrainian never took the ban punishment seriously and was quite casual about it when he learned that he had been handed a ban for abusing the spectator bug. Even before that he was involved in a bit of a controversy when he claimed that Valve hid the fact that Robin “Flusha“ Rönnquist was cheating in order to protect their image, something which has not been backed up by any proof whatsoever and for which starix was heavily criticized by the entire CS:GO community.

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