[Watch] Xyp9x Takes an Insane 1v3 Clutch Against G2 Esports on Dust 2

Aditya Singh Rawat
4/Nov/2020 12:55 pm

Senior Astralis member Andreas "Xyp9x" Hojsleth who returned to competitive Counter-Strike with the start of BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 Regular Season after taking a break of more than five months seems to be fragging better than before, as he reminds everyone once again why he is known as the ‘Clutch Minister’.

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Xyp9x Shows That He Is Still The 'Clutch Minister'

‘Clutch’ and ‘Xyp9x’ go hand-in-hand, tougher the situation easier it gets for the Dane to get the job done. In late may earlier this year Xyp9x had taken an indefinite break from the professional scene due to prolonged fatigue and burnout but even after five months, the 25-year-old is playing as if he had never left at all.

The man has already reminded us why he is known as the ‘Clutch Minister’ as he finished the match against MIBR with a rating of 1.04 and multiple instances where he flawlessly turned a clutch situation in his favor, but the real deal was the insane 1v3 clutch against G2 Esports on Dust 2 in the 26th round.

It is kind of eerie how calm Xyp9x can be in such pressure situations, with NiKo, huNter-, and AmaNEk covering the ‘A-SIte’ from all sides he did everything in such a calm and calculated manner. Not for a second did it look like he was not in control of the situation as he proceeded to win the clutch followed by a defuse without a hint of panic.

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Astralis are not in the grand final as they await their final opponent who would be the winner of the faceoff between G2 Esports and MIBR. The old Astralis lineup which came back together at the start of this tournament after five months might not be as clean as their former selves but are still looking dominant as ever.


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