#FreeVSM Trends as CS:GO Community Supports The VAC Banned Brazilian

Aditya Singh Rawat
3/Nov/2020 06:03 pm

'#FreeVSM' trends on Twitter as CS:GO community shows support for the VAC banned Brazilian.
Astralis AWPer dev1ce also extends support towards vsm.
The public outcry is to overturn a questionable VAC ban against the 21-year-old rifler.

The revamped MIBR lineup literally sent shocks through the entire CS:GO community following their outstanding performance against Astralis yesterday at BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 - Regular Season. Though they lost against the Danes ‘2-1’ MIBR put on quite a show which attracted a lot of commends from community figures and fans alike. 

If this wasn’t enough ‘#FreeVSM’ also gained momentum and started trending within the CS:GO community on Twitter which is a plea against Valve to remove the eight year old VAC ban placed against the Brazilian rifler Vinicius "vsm" Moreira which prevents him from participating in any Valve sponsored tournament.

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#FreeVSM Trends On Twitter

The 21-year-old Brazilian had a surge of support as ‘#FreeVSM’ trended on Twitter within the CS:GO community following MIBR’s match against Astralis. Even Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz tweeted in support of the talented rifler who might not have pulled off a stunning individual performance but played his role diligently in a close ‘2-1’ series.

The Brazilian community were ecstatic after watching the new MIBR lineup put up such a stellar performance and demanded Valve to let vsm participate in CS:GO tournaments sponsored by them i.e. CS:GO Majors and its qualifiers.

Vsm is currently prohibited from participating in any Valve tournament due to an eight years old VAC ban on one of his Steam account, the player at the time was just a thirteen year old kid. Valve found out about this in November 2018 and issued a lifetime ban against the player from all Valve sponsored tournaments, ESL was also notified about the same but they did not take any action and allowed him to participate in their tournaments.

The decision has been called unfair since then and there has been a public outcry against it ever since. In the past famous Brazilian player Epitacio "TACO" de Melo has also stood in support of vsm calling the decision to hand a lifetime ban "too much and unfair".

Though the movement to over turn Valve’s decision lost steam it seems to have been reignited once again owing to the fact that vsm is in the limelight once more, now playing under the banner of MIBR which is the most respected CS:GO team in Brazil.

Unfortunately overturning Valve’s decision against vsm is not so easy as a similar case is currently being fought by another VAC banned player Elias "Jamppi" Olkkonen in a Finnish court. Public outcry against a VAC ban instance seems to have little to no effect on Valve who are very strict in their decision making when it comes to the removal of VAC bans.

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Certain questionable lifetime bans have already destroyed careers of a few promising players who could have been really big names in the esports scene today, they have since moved over to VALORANT or other such shooters as no compromise was made even years after the incident. 


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