Boombl4 Reveals That Na’Vi Thought of Leaving IEM NY Earlier Today

Aditya Singh Rawat
21/Oct/2020 06:51 pm

Boombl4 reveals that before facing ESPADA earlier today Na'Vi were considering withdrawing from IEM New York.
He said that due to Perfecto not doing too well some training sessions had been cancelled.
Na'Vi defeated ESPADA convincingly and has qualified for the playoffs.

Natus Vincere might have qualified for the playoffs of IEM New York 2020 - CIS after defeating ESPADA quite convincingly earlier today, but the Ukrainian organization is not having a great time at the event especially due to their rifler Ilya “Perfecto” Zalutskiy testing positive for coronavirus a few days back. 

Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhailov in the post-match interview with Maincast further revealed that things before their match against ESPADA had gotten so bad that Na’Vi was considering “withdrawing from the tournament because Perfecto had not been feeling very well in the past few days.”

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Na’Vi Considered Withdrawing From IEM New York - CIS

Despite qualifying for the playoffs after defeating ESPADA quite convincingly in their last group stage match, the overall team morale has not been great for Na’Vi with the players having performance issues and instability due to Boombl4 undergoing a coronavirus scare and then Perfecto actually testing positive for the same.

In a post-match interview with Maincast earlier today Boombl4 revealed that before playing ESPADA they were actually considering withdrawing from the tournament as Perfecto’s health really took a hit today.

“Today he is worse off. I don't know, I want him to get well, after all, COVID-19 is a serious thing.”

He further talked about how Na’Vi had been cancelling training sessions and giving time to Perfecto so he could recover completely, while he himself has been busy working alone with the team’s coach.

“While the state of the team is still uncertain, we are trying our best to join the matches and play them, but there is no full training. We are giving Ilya time to recover so that he heals completely.”

Na’Vi has already landed once in the middle of a huge controversy earlier this week when they had cancelled their match against forZe due to Perfecto’s health condition. Maybe the team wants to avoid such a confrontation again and may have thought about pulling out of the RMR event, but now that they are in the playoffs maybe Na’Vi will try and see this through all the way.

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Boombl4 also complained about the multiple RMR tournaments that were being organized without any CS:GO Major in sight as he said that “It is foolish for me to take into account the RMR tournaments that were before, in order to advance to the Major, which will be in a year. The meaning of playing these tournaments is not entirely clear to me personally."

Let’s see how Na’Vi performs in the playoffs with Perfecto currently not doing really well and the morale of the team quite low.


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