BIG’s Rifler k1to Finds Out That he Always Had VSync 'On' For CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
18/Sep/2020 10:28 am

k1to realized yesterday that he had been playing CS:GO with VSync turned on since forever.
His teammate XANTARES pointed out the problem to him after playing on his PC.
GeT_RiGhT recommended k1to to just continue playing with VSync turned on and not to switch.

How often have we come across players asking for the best settings so as to play CS:GO as smoothly as possible. Players do this to get the maximum frame rate possible with the least amount of input lag so that their performance does not suffer, and while we do not expect a pro to face such troubles as they compete at the highest level there is always an exception. It seems BIG’s entry fragger Nils "k1to" Gruhne had no idea until yesterday that he was playing CS:GO with VSync ‘On‘ since forever.

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K1to Finds Out He Had Been Playing CS:GO With VSync On

VSync or Vertical Sync is a feature that synchronizing the frame rate of a game to the refresh rate of a monitor when turned ‘On’. While the feature is said to deliver smooth, uninterrupted gameplay for graphics-heavy 3D games, it is not recommended for use when it comes to competitive shooters like CS:GO as it limits the FPS of the game to that of the monitors refresh rate leading to a restricted performance.

The 21-year-old revealed yesterday via a Tweet that he had been playing CS:GO with VSync turned on and only after his teammate Ismailcan "XANTARES" Dortkardes pointed out the problem to him did k1to change the settings.

He further said that the game feels totally different than before and he felt the change instantly as soon as VSync was turned ‘Off’ as “The game feels so much better.” The problem was brought to his attention after XANTARES tried to play on k1to’s PC but he found it impossible to spray properly and that is when he realized that something was definitely wrong.

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Many pros reacted to this shocking revelation by the player as they could not believe how it was even possible for him to play at such a high level with that setting. Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund recommended him to continue playing with the same settings and not to switch but it seems that k1to is already practicing with VSync off.


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