GuardiaN Suggests Changes to The Format of Online CS:GO Events

Aditya Singh Rawat
14/Sep/2020 06:29 pm

GuardiaN proposes changes to online CS:GO tournament format.
He feels online CS should be played following GSL format.
Excessive amounts of online CS matches have led to burnout for majority of the viewers.

Former Na’Vi AWPer Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovacs has proposed a suggestion from his side to change the tournament format currently being followed for online CS:GO competitions. The 29-year-old who had recently announced his return to competitive CS:GO after an absence of more than half-a-year is not too excited with the current tournament format being adopted by organizers.

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GuardiaN Suggests Changes To Online CS:GO Tournament Format

After announcing his return and talking about how dedicated he is going ahead GuardiaN has shared his opinion on the tournament format currently being followed as he proposes that “Online CS should be played in the old fashioned GSL format.”

He thinks this is a better format to follow as it will be more interesting for the fans while the teams competing will also get more time to prepare for the opponents in their group.

A few users jumped in on the discussion, the ones agreeing with him reasoned that this would indeed lead to some better quality matches as it would effectively combat excessive match burnout which seems to be a general complaint among members of the CS:GO community. While those against him were not to keen because they felt that a round-robin format was a better way to determine which team actually deserves to qualify onto the playoffs.

For all those not familiar with the GSL-style format here is an example with four teams. Each team will get three chances to qualify and as soon as a team registers two wins that particular team qualifies, on the other hand, if a team registers two loses they are eliminated. In this way, two teams qualify to the next round while the other two teams get eliminated.

An excessive amount of online CS:GO matches being broadcasted has led to burnout for the majority of the viewers. There have been active discussions on the topic that more number of tournaments have come up due to which the schedule has been cluttered and this has affected the quality of matches.

Let’s see how organizers combat this growing problem as no LAN tournaments seem to be in sight until December when ESL plans to host possibly the first CS:GO LAN tournament since the global lockdown with IEM Global Challenge.

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