HenryG Reveals That Cloud9 Will Operate a Six-Man Roster

Aditya Singh Rawat
14/Sep/2020 04:48 pm

HenryG reveals that Cloud9 will be fielding a six-man roster.
The sixth player has not yet been signed and is still being scouted.
Astralis' director of communications applauded this move by Cloud9.

The new General Manager of Cloud9 Henry “HenryG” Greer has revealed that the North American organization who is currently building a new CS:GO roster will be fielding a six-man roster. HenryG made the announcement during the latest episode of HLTV Confirmed where he clarified that the sixth player will be signed in the near future and will be an active part of the lineup.

Cloud9 To Field A Six-Man Roster

Cloud9 recently revealed their first player as they made a three-year deal worth $1.65 million with Alex "ALEX" McMeekin. Following this announcement HenryG had stated that this was just the start as more crazy signings were yet to be announced.

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While this might not be a signing it is certainly big news to see a North American CS:GO team field an extra player, something which was also applauded by Steen Laursen - Astralis’ Director of Communications who via a Tweet said “Different words, same action. Moving in the right direction.”

HenryG clarified that they want to have an active sixth player who can fill in for the team if and when they have any travelling issues, someone falls ill, and other such unpredictable situations.

“He'll be more of a brand ambassador while we're setting the operation up and getting the team stabilized.”

The player being scouted for this role as per HenryG should be a versatile, experienced, and very competent as an individual.

“Someone who has been to LANs, they've been to big tournaments, they've seen it but not quite made it."

Cloud9 still has to make a lot of announcements and for now, it can be a wild guessing game of who the sixth player might be with so many great players fitting that description.

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Will it be one of the benched MIBR guys has to be a big another big question on everyone’s mind right now, especially after Cloud9 teasing the possibility through a meme yesterday.


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