CEO of GODSENT Reveals That Pronax Has Been Temporarily Removed From His Duties

Aditya Singh Rawat
25/Aug/2020 10:04 pm
  • It has been revealed by the CEO of GODSENT that pronax has been temporarily removed from his duties.
  • He further stated that the decision has been taken in relation to the mental health of pronax.
  • His family members have approved of this decision while demanding privacy. 

Former Counter-Strike player Markus "pronax" Wallsten after being forced to spend a night at a mental hospital in Malmo had claimed that his colleagues were behind all of this as they did not want him to be part of the organization. Following these accusations, the CEO and Co-founder of GODSENT Henrik Denebrandt had also come forward to say a few things in regards to the situation which is still not clear to anyone.

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CEO Of GODSENT Speaks About The Incident

Henrik Denebrandt a few hours after pronax was released from the mental hospital in Malmo after being forced to spend a night there, took to Twitter to reveal that the former Swedish player had been temporarily removed from all his duties in GODSENT “Due to recent events in relation to his mental health.”

He continued to state that they were doing everything possible to help pronax through this difficult time and that they were working along with his family members to get the former CS:GO legend professional help as well.

Through the above Tweet, it seems that pronax is suffering from some mental problems but nothing is certain as of now as there are no facts to back up these claims. Pronax in his last tweet has said that he was let go from the mental hospital after spending the night, this could only have been possible if the doctors would have tested him negatively but no such reports have surfaced yet.

Henrik further claimed that pronax’ family member had also approved his statement while asking for privacy. Though pronax continues to remain a shareholder he currently has no operative involvement in GODSENT, for the time being.

Pronax since posting a number of unusual tweets has deleted most of them but from his replies to a few users some very weird things have come. 

  • Despite him wanting a lawyer’s help it seems that pronax is running low on money as it seems to be a factor hindering him from hiring one.
  • Whatever is going on with the player has been a result of a number of bad decisions, as the player himself states that he has been going through hell since the past two years.

The entire incident is still shrouded in a veil of mystery and until pronax or others involved do not come forward to tell what’s going on with proper facts and figures all it will remain is a story.

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