CS:GO User Creates Multiple Models of Dust 2 ‘A-Site’ Using LEGO

Aditya Singh Rawat
19/Aug/2020 12:05 pm
  • CS:GO user creates two LEGO models of the 'A-Site' on Dust 2.
  • Both the models are structurally accurate and look quite fantastic.
  • Users have requested the creator to also make the 'B-Site' on Dust 2 depicting the infamous 'B-Rush'.

CS:GO users like to show their love towards the game in different ways, be it through creative artworks, personal tattoos, handmade replicas of in-game cosmetics, or maybe a LEGO replica of one of the most famous Counter-Strike maps of all time Dust 2. A LEGO enthusiast who is quite talented at creating stuff out of these block pieces ‘u/mexicandemon2’ has created a perfect replica of the ‘A-Site’ on Dust 2 with nothing but LEGO and it looks quite stunning.

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CS:GO User Creates Dust 2’s ‘A-Site’ With LEGO

A Reddit user ‘mexicandemon2’ has uploaded a few creatives of his which are a perfect replica of the iconic ‘A-Site’ on Dust 2. Both the creatives look beautiful, complete with every structural detail and is definitely something that would catch a collector or an enthusiast’s eye.

The first of the two creative is just the core ‘A-Site’ and according to the user, this particular set consists of “1 C4, 1 T, and 1 CT”. They have been arranged around the site which is complete with the ramp leading up to the site, the three boxes, and an ‘A-Long’ plant. 

The only thing that the users complained about was the missing ‘Goose’ from the back of the site, which I am sure can be hand-painted at a later stage.

The second creative was not entirely different, it was just a further extension of the ‘A-Site’ now complete with the prominent ‘Car’, the ‘A-Long’, par of ‘Catwalk’, and even the entry towards ‘CT-Spawn’.

Following these two creatives many users gave their feedback but the most sought after request seemed to be a recreation of the popular 'B-Site' on Dust 2, where the players wanted the creator to depict the infamous 'B-Rush'.

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Both the creatives were quite beautiful and one look at them is enough for a Counter-Strike fan to realize what it actually is. This is not the first time that the user has created something using LEGO, he has previously created other models as well like a custom townhouse and even a Thompson submachine gun.


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