Latest CS:GO Exploit Allows Users to Detect Enemies in Advance

Aditya Singh Rawat
8/Aug/2020 02:32 pm
  • Russian YouTuber 'Volsiz' shares a CS:GO 'Early Warning Exploit'.
  • This exploit is easy to replicate and is mainly related to the 'shaders' game file.
  • Unlike other such exploits this can be toggled 'on' and 'off' by the user anytime during the game.

CS:GO is going through a bit of a hard time as several game exploits seem to have come up in the last few weeks. Users being able to see enemies through the smoke was just the beginning, it was followed by another exploit that basically worked like a wallhack, and just last week another such exploit was discovered which works as an early warning system granting users the ability to detect enemies in advance.

Similar to the last two exploits this one was also discovered by a Russian YouTuber whose channel goes by the name of ‘Volsiz’. The video in itself has not garnered a lot of attention yet, meaning that not a lot of CS:GO users are aware of this exploit. Valve can surely take advantage of this and fix it before the exploit has a chance to go viral.

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CS:GO Exploit Detects Enemies in Advance

This is the third major exploit being discovered by a Russian YouTuber and similar to the two earlier ones it is quite simple to replicate. The user simply needs to tinker with a few game files in order to take advantage of this exploit, in this particular case all the changes take place in a folder named ‘shaders’.

According to the video uploaded by ‘Volsiz’, the exploit seems to work perfectly on Valve’s official game servers. The VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) is ineffective against these exploits as the users are simply taking advantage of pre-existing game files, modifying them in certain ways to create client-side changes which grant them certain exceptions, in this case, the ability to detect enemies in advance.

How this works in-game is that all the other players on the server start to appear as large black boxes which are rectangular in shape. The exploit has its own advantages and drawbacks which are as follows,

  • The advantage associated with this exploit is that the user can toggle this feature on and off as required throughout the game. Toggling it ‘on’ enables the user to get information in advance as all the player models turn into black boxes.

  • While the drawback associated with the exploit is that the user is only able to see things in advance within his/her own field of view. It is not a global feature, due to which the user does not know what is happening on the map at all times unless they are themselves present nearby.

Russian esports analyst Oleksandr Petryk has also highlighted the issue which does not seem to be in rapid circulation at this point of time. Hope Valve can fix the exploit before it catches fire.


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