CS:GO Update Adds Fracture Case, Changes to Anubis, Swamp, Mutiny, and More

Aditya Singh Rawat
7/Aug/2020 09:39 am
  • CS:GO adds new 'Fracture Case' in latest update.
  • The case features 17 new weapon skins along with 'Shattered Web Knives' as rare special items.
  • The update also includes map changes and optimizations for Anubis, Mutiny, and Swamp.

The community’s pleas have finally been heard as Valve has released a collection of weapons skins earlier today in the ‘Fracture Case’. The collection features weapon skins from over 17 community artists along with ‘Shattered Web Knives’ as rare special items.

Along with this new case, the update also features some networking changes along with map updates and optimizations for Mutiny, Swamp, and Anubis.

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Fracture Case

The ‘Fracture Collections’ released earlier today consists of the following 17 weapon skins,

  1. AK-47 | Legion of Anubis - by Apel
  2. Desert Eagle | Printstream - by JTPNZ
  3. M4A4 | Tooth Fairy - by 2Minds
  4. Glock-18 | Vogue - by K A S I
  5. XM1014 | Entombed - by Sparkwire
  6. Galil AR | Connexion - by VLEK and hexeth
  7. Tec-9 | Brother - by Freddy and Krueger
  8. MP5-SD | Kitbash - by SA_22
  9. MAC-10 | Allure - by WhoisVac9
  10. MAG-7 | Monster Call - by GENT
  11. SG 553 | Ol’ Rusty - by Ertz and Sir Kibbleknight
  12. PP-Bizon | Runic - by Kai
  13. P90 | Freight - by Moonfighter, Conne, Senkizh, 11it
  14. SSG 08 | Mainframe 001 - by dC^ and MultiH
  15. P2000 | Gnarled - by 3stia
  16. Negev | Ultralight - by Hoxton
  17. P250 | Cassette - by Mishovy

Apart from this the ‘Shattered Web Knife’ collection is also a part of this collection as a rare special item.

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Map Updates: Anubis, Swamp, Mutiny

These three maps underwent a few map changes and a few optimizations as well. Anubis was added to CS:GO in April earlier this year, while the remaining maps recently made their way to official matchmaking undergoing a second wave fixes with this update.

A few important changes made to the three maps are as follows,


  • Fixed a few invisible surface bugs.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to spot enemies through the wall near ‘Bridge’.
  • Fixed the wallbang spot near ‘B-Site’ main route.
  • Fixed multiple spots where weapons would fall through solid surfaces.
  • The double door at ‘Middle’ has been given a new skin.

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  • Overall performance on the map has been improved.
  • Ivy models have been added to increase performance as multiple will be rendered at once.
  • Rock formation near ‘Upper-T’ towards ‘A-Site’ has been turned into a brick wall to improve visibility.
  • Multiple covers have been added and removed from the map.
  • Raised ceiling height around ‘A-Site’, allowing players to get on top of the wall.
  • Deathmatch spawn position near ‘A-Site’ has been adjusted.
  • Overall environment lighting has been improved to give better visual contrast.
  • Shadows of some foliage models have been removed.
  • Numerous spots where the C4 could get stuck have now been resolved.
  • If a player drops the C4 on the small boat it will automatically teleport back to dry land.


  • Overall FPS on the map has been improved.
  • The map has been made brighter in some areas.
  • The radar has been updated.
  • Some of the clipping areas have been fixed.
  • A gap near ‘T-Spawn’ has been fixed through which weapons could fall and get stuck.

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These were all the changes introduced in the update. The developers have now improved both Swamp and Mutiny quite a lot, out of the two Swamp has received a lot of appreciation by the community members.


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