Valve Might Soon Add CS:GO Themed Animated Chat Stickers and Steam Avatar Frames

Aditya Singh Rawat
17/Jun/2020 10:09 pm
  • According to a recent leak Valve might soon be adding CS:GO themed 'Animated Chat Stickers' and 'Steam Avatar Frames' to Steam.
  • Leak suggests that a total of 9 animated stickers and 3 avatar frames will be launching soon.
  • These assets will be available as drops through Steam Cards while also be available for purchase on the Steam Market.

Valve has been pushing out a lot of unique content for its users ever since the release of VALORANT, while this might have not been intentional no one is complaining anyway. They have added a few togglable options for its users and now according to a new leak a few CS:GO themed ‘Animated Chat Stickers’ and ‘Steam Avatar Frames’ might also be released soon.

The latest leak by shows that around nine Animated Chat Stickers and three Steam Avatar Frames will be soon released for steam, these CS:GO themes assets will probably be available for purchase on the Steam Market and could also be unlocked by collecting enough Steam Cards.

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Animated Chat Stickers

Animated Chat Stickers seem to include seven character-based animations like playing with the C4 explosive, skipping, hugging the chicken, juggling HE grenades, and a few others. The remaining animations are specifically based around a CS:GO case and the popular Chicken character found on Inferno.

Steam Avatar Frames

Steam Avatar Frames, on the other hand, are based on popular weapon skins like AUG - Akihabara Accept, Galil AR - Cerberus, and probably the most famous of them all AWP - Dragon Lore.

This Steam Avatar is based on AUG-Akihabara Accept

This Steam Avatar is based on Galil AR-Cerberus

This Steam Avatar is based on AWP-Dragonlore
The Three Alleged Steam Avatar Frames

While these items might not enhance or affect the game of Counter-Strike in any way and are cosmetics that are not directly affiliated with the game, it is a fantastic gesture by Valve to create some unique Steam-based cosmetics themed on one of the most popular titles on the gaming platform.

This is also not the first time such a leak has been spotted as Pavel Djundik, data miner and creator of SteamDB in the month of March had already announced that customizable Steam Avatar Frames were about to come out soon.

Three months have passed since the leak, and Valve staying true to its notorious nature of never releasing anything on time have once again managed to successfully stick to their unwritten rule.

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It is still not certain at the moment when Valve might be releasing these assets publically, but it is definitely something that users can wait for after having been teased by a Source 2 port three times this year already.


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